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Top 55 Medical School Interview Questions & Answers

1) Explain what is protein made up of? Proteins are made up amino acids, and a long chain of amino acid is needed to make proteins. 2) What are the different structures or shapes of protein? Protein structures are classified into four Primary Secondary Tertiary Quaternary 3) How many amino acid makes one protein? To […]

Top 80 CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) Interview Questions

1) Mention what is CNA? A CNA stands for certified nursing assistant. It is a person who has received training to help patients under the close supervision of a licensed practical nurse or a registered nurse. 2) Mention how to become a qualified CNA? To become a qualified CNA, Complete state approved education program Pass […]

Top 21 Pharmacist Interview Questions

1) What is the responsibility of a pharmacist? The responsibility of a pharmacist is to Manage a drug store Advising patients and physicians Verifying accuracy of prescription Reviewing possible side effects Assigning correct dosage Recommending most appropriate non-prescription drug Give information to the patient about drug interaction 2) What are the three qualities a professional pharmacist should […]

21 Paramedic Interview Questions & Answers

1)  What are responsibilities of a Paramedics? Paramedics often work in emergency scenes to provide immediate medical attention to injured individuals The operate heart monitors, defibrillators and other equipment’s, transport patients to medical facilities and interpret reading recorded by heart monitoring devices Perform endotracheal procedures and give important information to emergency staff Clean areas that become […]

Top 35 Nutritionist Interview Questions

1) Should teenagers take a vitamin supplement to meet their energy level up? It is useless to give a vitamin supplement unless the teenager is on a low-calorie diet. It is always preferable to take vitamin organically from fruits, vegetables and healthy fats. 2) What proportion of meal is best for a teenager? 3 large […]

Top 25 Nanny Interview Questions & Answers

1) Tell me about yourself I am a 26 year old with a Nanny basic skills certification acquired in the year 2000. Since my graduation, I have worked for 2 children care organizations and a home in Minnesota. During my working stints, I have helped bring up children in a respectable manner while teaching them […]

Top 55 Physiotherapy Interview Questions & Answers

1) Explain what is the use of Electrotherapy? Electrotherapy is the use of electrical energy for medical purposes and to relieve the patient from pain. Electrical stimulation can directly block transmission of pain signals along nerves. It also stimulates natural painkiller in our body like endorphins. 2) Explain what is Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy? Musculoskeletal therapy is […]

Top 40 Dental Interview Questions & Answers

1) Explain what is dental caries? Dental caries also known as cavity or tooth decay, which is caused due to bacterial infection. It causes the destruction of hard tissue of the teeth and results in demineralization of the teeth. 2) Explain what causes bleeding gum? Bleeding gums are due to the buildup of plaque at the gum […]

Top 16 Substance Abuse Counsellor Interview Questions

1) What is the role of substance abuse counsellor? The primary role of substance abuse counsellor is to help that patient who is addicted to drugs and advise them in fighting addiction. 2) Explain what are the duties of a substance abuse counsellor? Duties of a substance abuse counsellor includes Organizing interview with potential patients […]

Top 21 Clinical Lab Technician Interview Questions

1) What are the responsibilities of Laboratory Technician? Responsibilities of clinical lab technician varies with the department you are assigned to, but usually it involves Wide range of testing Running complex analysis Examine blood cells with mircoscope Scanning of specimen Using expensive chemicals wisely Maintaining and monitoring various equipment’s Checking contamination in chemicals at regular interval […]

Top 20 Medical Representative Interview Questions

1) What are the challenges in being a Pharmaceutical Sales Person? The true challenge for a Pharma salesperson, is to convince a doctor to switch from a drug that he or she is prescribing to their patient. 2)  What are the key responsibilities of a Medical Representative (MR)? The typical work activities that a medical representative has […]

Top 10 Microsoft Visio Interview Questions & Answers

1) Explain what is Microsoft visio? Microsoft vision is a diagramming tool designed by Microsoft in order to help create pictures out of complex information.  Business flow charts, network diagrams, organization charts, etc. can be easily formed with the help of Micro-soft Visio. 2) Explain how you can edit a master shape in Microsoft Visio? […]

Top 17 Payroll Interview Questions & Answers

1) Mention what is Payroll? Payroll is the term used for the compensation a business must pay to its employees for a set period of time or on a given date. 2) Mention what are the methods to manage Payroll? The methods to manage Payroll includes, Doing it yourself by hand Using employee payroll software […]

Top 45 Adobe Photoshop Interview Questions & Answers

1) What is Adobe Photoshop? It is software developed by Adobe to create and edit images and logos. By adobe photoshop adjustment and modification can be done. 2) How you can re-size the image in Photoshop? To resize the image in Photoshop you have to go into menu bar, under menu bar you will find […]

Top 30 Tally Interview Questions & Answers

1) Explain what is Tally and where it can be used? Tally is a software for accounts and inventory management, which is used for performing many functions like Performing all basic accounting functions Estimating job costing Storing details and managing inventory items Managing payroll Filing tax return, managing profit, and loss statement, preparing a balance […]

Post Office Recruitment (Latest) Notifications & Alerts

The department of Posts or India Post is the most widely distributed postal system in the world. There are thousands of job vacancies released every year for the candidates and aspirants who are willing to pursue a Central government job in the postal department of India. Candidates having basic to higher education level are eligible […]

ICDS Recruitment (Latest) Notifications & Alerts

The Integrated Child Development Service department announces various employment notifications every year for thousands of candidates all over India. All the candidates across the country can apply for various positions in different departments associated with the Integrated Child Development Services. There are many State government jobs, Central government jobs, Anganwadi jobs, district-level organizations, jobs in […]

IB Recruitment (Latest) Notifications & Alerts

The Intelligence Bureau(IB) publishes multiple vacancies for different positions in its various departments every year. The candidates and aspirants who are willing and preparing for a job in the Intelligence agency have the best chance to apply for the Intelligence Bureau(IB) recruitment. There are many types of jobs available in various departments of the Intelligence […]

Income Tax Recruitment (Latest) Notifications & Alerts

The Income Tax department of India releases various types of vacancies every year for different positions for the candidates and aspirants who are willing to pursue a job in the tax collection agency of the Indian government. Candidates can apply for various types of jobs in the Income Tax department of India depending on their […]

Central Govt Jobs (Latest) Notifications & Alerts

There are thousands of Central government jobs released every year in the organizations associated with the Central Government. Plenty of Government jobs are available across India in Central government organizations, State government organizations, public sector organizations, Banks, Indian post, Railways, Metro, Army Navy, Air Force, Universities, Medical institutes, etc. Candidates who are willing to get […]

Karnataka Govt Jobs (Latest) Notifications & Alerts

Karnataka Government publishes various jobs and vacancies every year like state government jobs, central government jobs, banking jobs, public sector jobs, teaching jobs and many other jobs in the organizations associated with the government directly or indirectly. There are thousands of government jobs and vacancies released every year for the applicants from fresher level students […]

TN Govt Jobs (Latest) Notifications & Alerts

There are lots of vacancies and job opportunities are released every year by the Government of Tamil Nadu and many other companies associated with the Government. Job opportunities for the bottom level education candidates to higher educated aspirants are released every year. Many students and aspirants in Tamil Nadu work hard to get a decent […]

AP Govt Jobs (Latest) Notifications & Alerts

CompanyPost Name(s)EducationTotal PostsLocationLast DateApply OnlineInstitute of Banking Personnel SelectionProbationary Officer/ Management TraineeGraduation1167Across India28/08/2020https://ibpsonline.ibps.in/crppo10jul20/Government General Hospital GunturStaff Nurse, Theatre Assistant, MNO, FNO, Receptionist cum Clerk, Lab Technician, Dark Room Assistant, Pharmacist12th with Diploma in GNM, B.Sc Nursing, Diploma in MLT, Diploma in Pharmacy/ Degree in Pharmacy, 10th, Graduation287Andhra Pradesh16/08/2020https://guntur.ap.gov.in/notice_category/recruitment/Andhra UniversityAP SETPost GraduationNot foundAndhra Pradesh19/09/2020Not foundRashtriya Ispat […]

Top 30 Administrative Assistant Interview Questions & Answers

1) What is administrative assistant? An administrative assistant is a person responsible for performing various tasks. These include assisting in keeping records, making appointments, and doing similar tasks. The person who wants to work as an administrative assistant is also working for typing, filing, and office related activities. 2) What are the most important qualities […]

Top 47 Teamwork Interview Questions & Answers

Following are some frequently asked teamwork interview questions for freshers as well as experienced candidates to get the right job in their career. 1) Who are team players? Team players are the people who coordinate to achieve specific tasks. They also work with other members of the organization. Team player is working on completing the […]

Top 25 Internship Interview Questions & Answers

An internship is a work opportunity offered by a company to students or graduates. Internship provides them a professional learning experience in a specific field. Following are frequently asked internship and jobs interview questions for freshers. 1) Introduce yourself. You can briefly answer by keeping the answer to 60 seconds. You should introduce yourself by […]

Top 25 System Design Interview Questions and Answers

Following are frequently asked questions in interviews for freshers as well as experienced system designers. 1) What is System Design? System design is a process of defining the elements of a system such as the architecture, components, modules, and various interfaces. 2) What are the three most essential skills of system designer? Important skills for […]

Top 50 Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions & Answers

Following are frequently asked mechanical engineering interview questions for freshers as well as experienced engineering candidates. 1) What is the second law of thermodynamics? The second law of thermodynamic depicts that the total entropy of an isolated system can never reduce over time. 2) What is ferrite? Ferrite is a magnetic iron rock. 3) Which […]

Semi-Structured Interviews: Top 25 Questions and Answers

1) What is a semi-structured interview? It is a meeting in which recruiter does not follow a formalized list of questions. The recruiter asks open-ended questions. 2) What is the importance of the semi-structured interview? This interview provides interviewer comparable, reliable, and qualitative data. 3) Describe the characteristics of semi-structured interviews Characteristics of semi-structured interviews […]

STAR Method: Answer Top 25 Behavioral Interview Questions

You can use the STAR method to answer behavioral interview questions. This guide will help fresher and experienced candidates alike. 1) What does STAR stand for? STAR stands for Situation, Task, Actions, and Results. 2) What is the STAR interview method? You can use STAR interview method to answer behavioral interview questions. With this method, […]

Top 70 React Interview Questions and Answers

Following are frequently asked React interview questions for freshers as well as experienced React developers. 1) What is Reactjs? React is a JavaScript library that makes building user interfaces easy. It was developed by Facebook. 2) Does React use HTML? No, It uses JSX, which is similar to HTML. 3) When was React first released? […]

Top 20 SDET Interview Questions & Answers

1) State any difference between SDET and Manual Software Tester The main difference between SDET and the Software tester is: SDET (Software Development Engineer in Test) can participate in test automation Manual Tester never involves in such type of activities. 2) What is the definition of ad hoc testing? Adhoc testing is informal testing. It […]

Top 25 Kotlin Interview Questions and Answers

1) What is Kotlin? Kotlin is a statically-typed programming language which runs on the JVM. It can be compiled either using Java source code and LLVM compiler. 2) Who is the developer of Kotlin? Kotlin was developed by JetBrains. 3) Why you should switch to Kotlin from Java? Kotlin language is quite simple compared to […]

Top 40 Multithreading Interview Questions and Answers

1) What is a Thread? A Thread is a concurrent unit of execution. We can say that it is part of the process which can easily run concurrently with other parts of the process. 2) What is multithreading? Multithreading is a process of executing more than one thread simultaneously. The main advantage is: Threads share […]

Top 20 Production Support Executive Interview Questions and Answers

1) What is production support? Production support is the practice of supporting the IT systems/applications.   A production support executive receives requests from end-users and analyzes these requests and responds to the end user with a best possible solution. In short, a Production Support Analyst needs to maintain and support the system and applications used by […]

Top 33 Investment Banking Interview Questions & Answers

1) What is another term for Investment Banking division? Investment Banking is also called Corporate Finance. 2) Why are you interested in Investment Banking? This question is asked to check the candidate’s interest to know his understanding of the Investment Banking. Therefore, you should be aware of the certain key skills and attributes required for […]

Top 50 Array Interview Questions & Answers

1) What do you mean by an Array? Array is a set of similar data type. Arrays objects store multiple variables with the same type. It can hold primitive types and object references. Arrays are always fixed 2) How to create an Array? An Array is declared similar to how a variable is declared, but […]

Top 50 JDBC Interview Questions and Answers

1) What is the JDBC? JDBC stands for Java Database Connectivity. JDBC is a Java API that communicates with the database and execute SQLquery. 2) What is a JDBC driver and how many JDBC drivers are available? JDBC driver contains classes and interfaces that help Java application and database. There are 4 types of JDBC […]

Top 24 T-SQL Interview Questions & Answers

1) Mention what is T-SQL? T-SQL  stands for Transact Structured Query Language. It is an extension of SQL functionality supported by Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase ASE. 2) Mention what is the difference between SQL and T-SQL? The difference between SQL and TSQL is that SQL is a query language to operate on sets, while […]

Top 24 Obiee Interview Questions & Answers

1) Mention what is Obiee? Obiee stands for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE). It is a business intelligence system for the enterprise that delivers abilities for reporting, online analytical processing (OLAP), ad hoc query and analysis dashboards, and scorecards. 2) Mention what are the main features of OBIEE? Key features of OBIEE includes, Hierarchy […]

Top 17 Linked List Interview Questions & Answers

1) Mention what is Linked lists? A linked list is a data structure that can store a collection of items. In other words, linked lists can be utilized to store several objects of the same type. Each unit or element of the list is referred as a node. Each node has its own data and […]

Top 25 Executive Interview Questions & Answers

1) Mention what are the key responsibilities of a manager? The key responsibilities of a manager are, Envisioning the future and developing strategic plans Handling multidisciplinary teams and their linkages for effective communication Understanding outcomes at different levels – financial, process, etc. Coordinating effectively and securing outcomes Dealing with risks and uncertainty Marketing and negotiating […]

Top 20 Oracle RAC Interview Questions & Answers

1) Mention what is cluster? A cluster is referred to a group of independent, but connected servers that behaves as a single system. 2) Mention what is Oracle Real Application Clusters? RAC or Real Application Cluster is a component of the database product that enables the database to be installed across multiple servers. Oracle RAC […]

Top 50 Programming Interview Questions & Answers

1) What is Computer programming? Computer Programming is also known as programming or coding. Programming is a process which includes processes such as coding, maintaining, updating, debugging, writing, designing (algorithm), etc. 2) How does programming work? Programming contains a set of instructions for the computer to perform different tasks. In fact, those instructions are executable […]

Top 40 .NET Interview Questions & Answers

1) Explain what is .NET Framework? The.Net Framework is developed by Microsoft. It provides technologies and tool that is required to build Networked Applications as well as Distributed Web Services and Web Applications. 2) What does .NET Framework provides? .NET Framework renders the necessary compile time and run time foundation to build and run any […]

Top 10 Front End Developer Interview Questions & Answers

1 Who is Front End Developer? What he does? In a website, front-end is the part that users accesses while interacting with  the website including images, buttons, colours, animations, forms, typography etc. While the frontend developer is a programmer that codes the front end of a website and ensures that a visibility of site remains […]

Top 10 UI Developer Interview Questions & Answers

1) Who is UI/UX Developer? What he does? As the name suggest UI / UX stands for User Interface Design or User Experience Design. The role of UI / UX developer is to focus on the way the functionality is displayed and the detail on how users interact with the users.  They code for the […]

Top 24 ATG interview Questions & Answers

1) Explain what is ATG? ATG is a framework for creating web applications. It is based on J2EE standards. 2) Mention what is the core of ATG? The core of the ATG platform is DAF or Dynamo Application Framework ,which implements a component development model based on JavaServer Pages (JSPs) and JavaBeans. 3) Explain what […]

Top 16 Eclipse Interview Questions & Answers

1) Explain what is IDE? Name some Java IDE? IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment. Some of the Java IDE are Eclipse Netbeans RAD ( Rational Application Developer ) WSAD (Websphere Application Developer ) 2) Define Eclipse? What are the key Eclipse projects and technologies? Eclipse is used in several different areas, e.g. as a […]

Top 19 Receptionist Interview Questions & Answers

1) Explain the role and responsibility of receptionist? The responsibility of a receptionist are Maintain and organize a current and accurate filing system Monitor the use of equipment and supplies Monitor the repair and maintenance of office equipment Handle all incoming calls and inquiries Note down adequate messages and re-direct calls as appropriate Greet and […]

Top 25 JCL Interview Questions & Answers

1) Explain what is JCL? JCL stands for Job Control Language.  It is the command language of Multiple Virtual Storage (MVS). It is the normally used in Operating System in the IBM Mainframe computers. 2) Explain what is the use of JCL? It is used for the deleting creating, the Data Sets, GDG’S and VSAM […]

Top 15 Digital Marketing Interview Questions & Answers

1) Explain what is digital marketing? Digital marketing is the brand marketing tactics through the internet. It includes various techniques like SEO, SEM and link building. 2) How can you categorize the digital marketing? The digital marketing/communication is categorized into two segments Inbound Marketing: This techniques takes the help of social media, digital content in […]

Top 13 Oracle Forms Interview Questions & Answers

1) Explain what is Oracle Forms? Oracle Forms is a software product for creating screens that interact with an Oracle database.  It has an IDE including a property sheet, object navigator and code editor that uses PL/SQL. 2) Explain what are the Oracle forms services components include? Oracle forms consist of Client: Client sends the […]

Top 50 AWS Interview Questions & Answers

1) Explain what AWS is? AWS stands for Amazon Web Service; it is a collection of remote computing services also known as a cloud computing platform.  This new realm of cloud computing is also known as IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service. 2) Mention what the key components of AWS are? The key components of […]

Top 21 Computer Architecture Interview Questions & Answers

1) Explain what is Computer Architecture? Computer architecture is a specification detailing about how a set of software and hardware standards interacts with each other to form a computer system or platform. 2) How Computer Architecture is characterized? The computer architecture is characterized into three categories System Design: It includes all the hardware component in […]

Top 10 CRM Interview Questions & Answers

1) Explain what is CRM? CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.  It is a strategy and practices that companies use to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle. 2) Mention some technical benefits of incorporating CRM into an organization? The benefits of incorporating CRM into an organization includes Manage customer contact […]

Top 30 Teacher Interview Questions & Answers

1) How can you prepare students for standardized assessments? In almost all grades, standardized assessment is carried out. You should be able to tell the name of the test and the format of the test. It will be an extra credit if you explain it with some of the experiments you carried out with the […]

Top 18 WSDL Interview Questions & Answers

1) Explain what is WSDL? WSDL stands for Web Services Description Language. It is a simple XML document that contains a set of definitions to describe or locate a web service. 2) Explain what is the WSDL document structure? The WSDL document structure consists of these major elements <types>: A container for data type definitions […]

Top 25 Log4j Interview Questions & Answers

1) Explain what is Log4j? Log4j is a fast, flexible and reliable logging framework  written in Java developed in early 1996. It is distributed under the Apache software license and can be used for small to large scale projects.  It has been ported to the languages like C, C++, C#, Python, etc. 2) Explain why […]

Top 18 Web Design Interview Questions & Answers

1) Mention what are the main language or platform used for web-design? The main language used for web-designing are HTML: Base template CSS: Styling JavaScript: Functionality PHP: Server side scripts 2) Explain how can you set an image as a background on web pages? To set an image as a background on web page, point […]

Top 15 Actuarial Interview Questions & Answers

1) Explain what is the role of Actuarial Analyst in the insurance company? Actuarial analyst’s works in the insurance industry and use statistical model to analyze the data and calculate the costs associated with certain events such as Product failure Accidents Property damage Injury and death Destruction due to natural calamities ( hurricanes, earthquakes, pandemic […]

Top 40 SASS & LESS Interview Questions & Answers

1) Explain what is Sass? How it can be used? Sass stands for Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets and was created by Hampton Catlin. It is an extension of CSS3, adding nested rules, mixins, variables, selector inheritance, etc. Sass can be used in three ways As a command line tool As a standalone Ruby module As a […]

Top 17 Web Developer Interview Questions & Answers

1) Explain what are the key responsibilities of a Web Developer? Program test and debug all web applications Design, develop, test and deploy web applications Uploading sites onto server and registering it with different search engines Coordinate with other designers and programmers to develop web projects Fix bugs, troubleshoot and resolve problems In case of […]

Top 15 Social Media Interview Questions & Answers

1) What is the responsibility of social media manager? Social media manager implements the company’s social media marketing.  The Job role includes- Developing company’s content strategy Creating relevant content Blogging Community participation and leadership Promotion strategy on social sites Monitor, listen and respond to users in a “Social” way while cultivating sales and leads Develop […]

Top 12 Unity 3D Interview Questions & Answers

1) What is Unity 3D? Unity 3D is a powerful cross-platform and fully integrated development engine which gives out-of-box functionality to create games and other interactive 3D content. 2) What are the characteristics of Unity3D? Characteristics of Unity is It is a multi-platform game engine with features like ( 3D objects, physics, animation, scripting, lighting […]

Top 17 Quickbooks Interview Questions & Answers

1) Explain what is QuickBooks? QuickBooks is an accounting software package developed by Intuit. It provides and on-premise accounting applications as well as cloud-based versions, which includes business payments, payroll functions and manage and pay bills. 2) What are the products available in QuickBooks? QuickBooks provide following products QuickBooks Self-employee QuickBooks Online QuickBooks Pro QuickBooks […]

Technical Interview Questions & Answers

Java Database MainFrame Business Intelligence Operating System Programming Web Networking Testing Artificial Intelligence CMS Creative Education Microsoft Microsoft Office Project Management Sap Server Java Script Data Analytics   Java – Technical Interview questions and answers d3.js Groovy Java Web Service 14 JSF 18 Dojo Maven Node.js Ember.js JSP WebLogic Backbone.js Angular.js JavaScript JQuery Servlet EJB […]

Top 11 Revit Interview Questions & Answers

1) Explain what is Revit Architecture? Revit Architecture is able to deliver dynamic information in intelligent models allowing complex building structure to be designed accurately and document it in a short span of time.  Each intelligent model created with Revit Architecture signifies an entire project and is stored in a single database file. 2) Mention […]

35 Google’s Tricky Interview Questions & Answers

1) Do you have an IQ more than 130? This question is put to check “Intellectual Humility” and “Yes” could be the worst answer to this. Remembering your IQ score sends a wrong message of your insecurity and self-aggrandizement. 2) What shall we have for dinner this evening? Don’t give an answer like “whatever you […]

Top 23 d3.js Interview Questions & Answers

1) Explain what is d3.js? D3.js is a JavaScript library for creating and manipulating documents based on data.  It uses digital data to drive the formation and control of dynamic and interactive graphical presentation, which runs in web browsers. 2) When using d3.js is helpful? D3.js is extremely helpful in viewing huge data reports of […]

Top 10 Adobe InDesign Interview Questions & Answers

1) Explain what is Adobe InDesign? Adobe InDesign is a desktop software designed by Adobe to create works such as brochures, magazines, newspapers, books, etc. 2) Explain how can you import text or image in Adobe InDesign? You can import text or image in Adobe InDesign you have to go to File -> Place (or […]

Top 16 ADO.NET Entity Framework Interview Questions & Answers

1) Explain what is ADO.NET entity framework? ADO.NET entity framework is an ORM (Object Relational Mapping) framework developed by Microsoft. It is an extension of ADO.NET that provides an automated mechanism to access and store data in the database. With the help of ADO.NET, database can be accessed without much required programming or code. 2) […]

Top 19 Ab initio Interview Questions & Answers

1) Mention what is Abinitio? “Abinitio” is a latin word meaning “from the beginning.” Abinitio is a tool used to extract, transform and load data. It is also used for data analysis, data manipulation, batch processing, and graphical user interface based parallel processing. 2) Explain what is the architecture of Abinitio? Architecture of Abinitio includes […]

Top 20 PeopleSoft Interview Questions & Answers

1) Explain what is PeopleSoft? PeopleSoft is an organization that provides e-business application software over the internet.  It provides software for Human resource management, Supply chain management, CRM or Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Performance Management and so on. 2) Explain what is Related Content in PeopleSoft? In PeopleSoft, related content services are the framework within […]

Top 53 Ruby on Rails Interview Questions & Answers

1) Explain what is Ruby on Rails? Ruby: It is an object oriented programming language inspired by PERL and PYTHON. Rails: It is a framework used for building web application 2) Explain what is class libraries in Ruby? Class libraries in Ruby consist of a variety of domains, such as data types, thread programming, various […]

Top 30 Vmware Interview Questions and Answers

1) What is VMware and what are their benefits? VMware provides different applications and software for virtualization.  VMware products are categorized into two levels, desktop applications, and Server applications. It is useful for: Running multiple operating systems and applications on a single computer Consolidate hardware to get vastly higher productivity from fewer servers Save more […]

Top 23 Websphere Interview Questions & Answers

1) Explain what is Web-Sphere? Web-sphere is a tool based on Java and developed by IBM, to manage and create websites.  Web-sphere is often used to build interactive web-oriented applications that support business functions required for e-commerce, it integrates all the data across different operating system and applications. 2) Mention what are the important component […]

Top 10 Internal Audit Interview Questions & Answers

1) Explain what is internal audit? An independent and objective evaluations or examination of the company’s financial and operational business activities is referred as internal audit. 2) Mention what is the difference between internal and external audit? External audit’s main focus is on the accuracy of the financial statements and annual report, while the internal […]

Top 18 iOS Developer Interview Questions & Answers: XCode & Swift

As an ios developer you can code in XCode Swift Following are the common questions asked to an iOS Developer 1) Explain what is Xcode? Xcode is Apple’s integrated development environment (IDE) that you use to design apps for Apple products.  It provides various tools to manage your entire development workflow from creating your app, […]