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Resign from a Job Gracefully

Even with the current state of joblessness, it becomes sometimes too hard to continue the existing job. According to Forbes, there are 3 major reasons why you should leave your current job. Firstly, you may consider quitting a job if your professional development is stagnating, not just at risk of doing so. You will know you are in such a situation if you are constantly feeling restless, or “stuck” It could also be the time to call a quit if you feel that you are so mentally, physically and emotionally drained to continue. Additionally, if you find a better place, you can always call it quits. However, which is the best way to make this big step?

It is time to say goodbye!!

Whether you have landed a better job, or are simply tired of your current state, leaving the relationship workable even after quitting is the priority. It does not matter whether you are leaving some nice friends or enemies at the workplace. It is advisable to be careful not to burn bridges as such actions could haunt in future.

Inform your boss before anybody else

Don’t get late in informing your boss!

Quitting a job is not always a pleasant experience and you might be tempted to act badly towards either your boss or co-workers. The way you report your intentions matters a lot. With the current state of technology, it is tempting to say it all via social media or text messages. This is very wrong! Your boss should be the first person to know of your intentions. You would not wish for a situation where you go to tell the boss of your intentions only to find that he already learned about that from another party.

A Physical meeting is always the best

Meet Personally!

Technology may also enable you to inform the boss or co-workers that you are quitting even without going to the office. However, do not rely on this method too much. News about quitting is best relayed during a one-on-one meeting. Talking about this matter over the phone should only come as a last option.

Ensure a smooth transition 

Ensure full cooperation!!

Now that, you are sure you are leaving and has informed everyone, it is important to make sure your roles are left in good hands. This is why it is necessary to give a resignation notice to your current boss. Most organizations talk of a two weeks’ notice. The point is to give the employer sufficient time to find your replacement. When the replacement comes, it is advisable to train them and ensure everything runs smoothly when you leave. This creates a good picture in the eyes of the employer and colleagues that you want the group to succeed.

Bid everyone farewell and quit

Bid Everyone Farewell!!

Talking of success, showing that you care about the progress of co-workers is a truly effective characteristic. During your last moments on your job, dedicate your time to wish everyone well in their endeavors. In fact, this is the best time to bury the hatchet even with that the person you hate so much.

Quitting is always marred by emotions and doing it in the right way could make the process more manageable. By handling it professionally, you not only help the company has a smooth transition, but you also a lasting legacy.

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