Top 10 SharePoint Interview Questions and Answers

Here are SharePoint interview questions and answers for freshers as well as experienced senior developer candidates to get their dream job.

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1) What is MS Share-Point is used for?

MS Share Point is used for multiple purposes, and it acts as a back-end system that combines all your employees PC’s and mobile device together allowing them to communicate symmetrically.

  • Share documents: It allows to store and share documents by anyone in the company also it allows to work on a single document by several employees at same time
  • Intranet: Dashboards can be customized by department and access to all employees are given to check the regular updates into the company
  • Extranet: With the help of SharePoint, you can provide an outside company a space or a site to upload all the information your company may require from them
  • Websites: You can use SharePoint to manage and build a publicly facing site as well. As a website CMS (Content Management System), SharePoint enables you to sign in and make changes to your pages
  • Business Intelligence: SharePoint allows you to organize the data to make better decision making and display relationship between different inputs through charts and graphs
  • Collaboration: Through SharePoint employees can be interlinked with each other and co-ordinate their efforts on ongoing projects. You can monitor constant access to information of project statuses, locations and schedules of co-workers and anything that is related to project

2) How can you create a Task Notifications Workflow in SharePoint?

In SharePoint, these are the steps you could implement to create a Task Notifications Workflow

  • Open SharePoint designer and create a new task list
  • Under TASK LIST Create, a list workflow associated to the Task List
  • Set the term and condition, if the current item priority is high and sends e-mail
  • Mention the mailing address of “Assigned To” and add the subject with a lookup to the recent item title and a link to the Task list’s edit form and the current task ID
  • Activate the workflow to start each time a new item is created
  • Publish the workflow

3) Mention how to create a list in SharePoint 2013?

In SharePoint to create a list, from the setting menu

  • Tap on “Add an app” link to add a custom list
  • It will open your Apps section under “Site Contents”
  • Now click on “Custom List” under your Apps
  • Enter a Description and Name of the list and click on create. This will create a list in SharePoint

4) Mention what is new for end users in SharePoint 2013?

In SharePoint 2013, one of them is a new way of assigning permissions.  You can assign the permissions from the home page of the site and can use “Share” button on the top right corner.

Share –Assigning permission

  • A pop-up will come up as soon as you tap on the “Share” button
  • A pop-up window will be opened with share “site name”
  • Under INVITE PEOPLE TO “EDIT”, you can add the people you want to give access or permissions
  • You can choose the permission levels from the available groups by scrolling down the arrow mark and finally click on share. It will enable the user to edit the file.

In document library Drag and Drop of files

  • One of the new feature for end users is drag and drop files facility in SharePoint 2013. Once you drag and drop the file it will display the status bar for the user. It will show the file status uploaded once the uploading is completed.

5) Mention what are the new features of SharePoint 2013?

New features in SharePoint includes

  • Ability to follow people, sites, tags and documents
  • Company or organization feeds
  • Preview of files and documents straight into the news feed
  • For group sharing and collaboration use of @ and hashtags
  • Complete integration of social feature with window phone 7 and 8
  • New site definition for communities which have many promising features like moderation, discussion, reputation model, membership, etc.
  • Security and document activity updates in the feed
  • Facility to follow data integration with consolidated feeds web part
  • Improved discussion forums
SharePoint Interview Questions
SharePoint Interview Questions

6) What does the content database handles in SharePoint?

The SharePoint database handles

  • Published reports
  • Reports models
  • Shared data sources
  • Properties
  • Resources
  • Permissions

7) What is the use of Callout function in SharePoint 2013?

SharePoint Callout is one of the latest technology in SharePoint 2013 that is used to make a several types of commands on the SP list like adding new item, update and make a site navigation links, in simple words, it’s a list of commands in one capsule. SP callout is used to apply multiple action and navigation on SP list, without browsing inside the SP list itself.

The user can append a new record to the SP list without the need to open the default  add new SP list item dialog box. This will make the data updating method faster and flexible.

8) Explain what is a site in SharePoint?

A site collection is referred for a collection of SharePoint site which have the same owner and share administration settings, such as permissions.  SharePoint online site collection has three sites collections the team site, public website and my sites.

9) Explain what is team site and public website in SharePoint?

  • Team Site: The team site enables you to invite users by giving them permission to the site or to the external users you explicitly share the site by using the external sharing feature
  • Public Website: The public facing website is a site that caters as your organization’s web presence. It has everything you need for designing your site- libraries to store site content such as graphics, logos and design manager for customizing the content and style of your site
SharePoint Interview Questions and Answers
SharePoint Interview Questions and Answers

10) Explain how to manage projects in SharePoint?

To manage projects SharePoint offers many facilities like

  • Dashboards: The dashboards consist of customs KPIs; reports and graphs give you status updates at a glance
  • Scheduling tools: Update and assign multi-level tasks from a Gantt view calendar
  • Personalization: Filter out projects and tasks that don’t affect your project
  • Resources: It is helpful in tracking cost, display availability and report of hours worked
  • Alerting: Keep team alert about various activities related to project and to remind about various important meeting and seminars

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