Top 15 Social Media Manager Interview Questions (2024)

Social Media Marketing Interview Questions

Here are Social Media Marketing interview questions and answers for freshers as well as experienced analyst and manager candidates to get their dream job.

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1) What is the responsibility of social media manager?

Social media manager implements the company’s social media marketing.  The Job role includes-
  • Developing company’s content strategy
  • Creating relevant content
  • Blogging
  • Community participation and leadership
  • Promotion strategy on social sites
  • Monitor, listen and respond to users in a “Social” way while cultivating sales and leads
  • Develop and expand community or blogger outreach efforts
  • Create, design and manage promotions and social ad campaigns
  • Identify threats and report notable threats to appropriate management
  • Respond to social media crisis or negative comment scenario
  • Define strategies to enhance or build the follower fan base
The role Social media manager may also be called Social Media Specialist/ Strategist / Analyst / Executive or Intern. Irrespective of the name, the job profile will remain the same.

2) What set of skills required to become a Social Media Manager?

To become a Social Media Manager, you should have a
  • Native understanding of each social media network
  • Ability to connect corporate objectives to messaging, content and campaigns
  • Ability to write concisely
  • Ability to sympathize, engage and effectively communicate with a diverse range of people and opinions
  • Provide customer service and handle complaints
  • Deep understanding of the products or services the company renders
  • To intuitively know how your audience experience the brand, communicate online and how to leverage those opportunities

3) How do you measure social media success?

Use various tools to check the site optimization, the parameters to check the success of social media success are
  • Rise in the number of followers
  • Increase in the number of leads
  • Number of Inbound links to your site through social sites
  • Number of bloggers comment, social shares and traffic generated
  • Increase in the total sales made online
  • Number of Posts published
  • Conversion- Number of subscription
  • Account Creation
  • Query form submission

4) Mention some tools that Social Media Manager wants to consider?

The tools that Social Media Manager would consider would be
  • Zendesk: Collecting messages from e-mail voice, customer engagement platform, social into one collaborative inbox
  • HootSuite: Team management, social media dashboard, reporting, and search/monitoring
  • Sproutsocial: Manage multiple brands, pages, searches. Assign tasks to team members, reporting, competitor research and post analytics
  • Radian 6: Enterprise social media management application for campaigns, listening, research and post analytics
  • TweetDeck: Just like HootSuite, TweetDeck helps you to manage multiple social media accounts- such as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and LinkedIn
  • Crowdbooster: It measures users engagement overtime and across multiple social media networks. It also suggests what kind of content are best for the business
  • WordPress Editorial Calendar Plugin: An editorial calendar plugin will give you a bird’s eye view of your entire content publishing plan like publishing schedule, editorial task, blog post key topic, and ideas.
Social Media Marketing Interview Questions
Social Media Marketing Interview Questions

5) Explain how do you measure social return on investment (ROI)?

To measure the ROI that you invested in social media, you can consider using tools like the Conversation Measurement Tool on Facebook and optimized CPM.  You can also use Google Analytics or LinkedIn, which have their own analytics.  The criteria remain same to track the traffic like clicks, shares, purchases, number of likes, etc. ROI metric may also include
  • e-mail subscription
  • Website blog traffic
  • Webinar registration
  • Registration for content downloads, etc.

6) Explain how you can use Facebook for Conversion Measurement?

For Conversion Measurement in Facebook, you can use the feature “ Conversion Pixel”. Which is nothing but a piece of code that you paste in your website, and it will measure the conversion rate of the product or service you render. Facebook tracks conversion for adverts that happens within 1 day, 7 days and 28 days after a person click on advert and also for viewing an advert

7) Mention some tricks that can drive more traffic to your blog posts?

Few tricks that can drive more traffic to your blog posts are
  • Promote your content or BlogPost across a wider variety of Platforms like
  • com
  • Tumblr
  • com
  • Create a 6-second preview of your post with app(iPhone) like Vine and post it on tweeter with a link to the blog post
  • Give a short presentation of content or blog on Slide-Share and provide link to the content or to any relevant content
  • Pin your post to Pinterest contributors board by choosing attractive image, title of your blog post, adding keywords and hashtags
  • Use Instagram to share the image or title of your blog post. Share your blog post images to Tumblr, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and Foursquare

8) What is Facebook EdgeRank? Why does it matters?

Facebook EdgeRank is an algorithm that Facebook uses to determine what articles should be displayed in a user’s News Feed. Facebook Edge mark matters because
  • About 96% of fans don’t return to Brand’s Facebook Page after initial engagement
  • Your post is more likely to reach your fans in the newsfeed than your page
  • About 27% of all time spent on Facebook is spent looking at news feed
Social Media interview questions
Social Media interview questions

9) List out the tips to improve your Facebook EdgeRank?

To improve your Facebook EdgeRank you have to follow the following tips
  • Keep it short -> Posts between 100-250 characters are more likely to get more likes, comments and shares
  • Be Visual -> Use Photos and Videos it can attract more users
  • Ask for what you want -> Always ask for opinion or questions related to your content and how to improve it
  • Post Daily -> 96% of your Fans aren’t coming back to your page, so frequently posting is the only way to consistently reaching them
  • Be Relevant and Not Pushy -> Post related to your service and product, but it should not address directly to your service or product
  • Be Timely -> Find the best times for your audience and then stick with them

10) List out some tips to increase your reach on Facebook?

To increase your reach on Facebook you can consider following tips
  • Improve your Facebook EdgeRank -> It determines which of your post get most visibility in your fans newsfeed
  • Stop using third-party tools -> Don’t use any third party tools for scheduling posts and posting to social media
  • Get your likes up -> Use like-gating in which likes are given in exchange for access to content such as free download
  • Buy some Ads -> Buying some ads can be a smart move
  • Keep building your own Email list and Website -> Make direct contact to fans by building your own e-mail list and website.

11) Besides Social Site how you can optimize your content?

Besides social sites, there are a number of other communities like Social Buzz Club, Viral Content Buzz, Triberr, etc. that brings together content creators and enhance their social media promotion.

12) Explain how would you deal with a negative comments or a social media crisis?

To deal with a negative or heated comments over social media sites you can use following steps
  • Respond Quickly: The first 24 hours for any post on the social media site is crucial for any negative comments made. Justify your brand or content if it is legitimate or else apologize if you are wrong. Don’t use an approach of tit for tat
  • Create crisis FAQs: Create a web page and put all the information about the crisis in one place so that it can help you to respond the crisis when it really occurs the FAQs should include
  • Acknowledgment of crisis
  • Details about the occurrence
  • If available, photos or videos
  • How company found out
  • Specific action takes in response,
  • Document every facet: Once you hit by the social media crisis record each bit of it like tweets, blog comments, status updates,
  • Never send third reply: A third reply is an argument and not a justification, on third reply you take it offline
  • Seek help from experienced community manager: Community manager is aware of the in and out of the product and knows well how to handle disgruntled customers

13) List out the tips to promote your blog or content on social media sites?

You can promote your blog or content on the social media site using Co-Schedule.
  • Social Sharing Schedule can double your traffic
  • Use different title for same blog and schedule the blog post
  • Schedule posting differs for different social sites, for example, you cannot promote same post to Facebook twice in one day than is on Twitter
  • It allows you to create social messages at the time of post creation
  • Plan out your blog post promotion with simple strategy with a simple Timeline

14) Explain how would you assess the social media presence of a company?

To assess the social media presence of a company following parameters can be used
  • Whether company is registered with all the social media sites Pinterest, Facebook, LinkeIn, etc
  • Frequency of content publication on social sites
  • Type of content- imagery based/text etc.
  • Level of audience engagement posts enjoy
  • Is the description in social media aligned with the company’s goals
  • Is the company’s information on social sites are updated and current
  • Does your social media profiles include relevant links to your website, blog and other social media presence
  • Does Company follows the right metrics to get more attention from social sites,
  • Company’s employees from all other division or franchises have created their own profile on social networks
  • Is company’s brand consistent on each network like- same logo, company description, etc.
  • Whether a presence on social sites are used only for pushing out messages or used as a platform to create conversation
These interview questions will also help in your viva(orals)

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