Top 16 Microsoft Outlook Interview Questions & Answers (2024)

Here are Microsoft Outlook interview questions and answers for freshers as well as experienced candidates to get their dream job.

1) Explain what is IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol)?

IMAP means Internet Message Access Protocol; it is a standard protocol for using e-mail service from your local server.

2) Explain what is POP3 protocol?

POP3 means Post Office Protocol 3 is a protocol that offers a simple way for users to use mailboxes and download messages to their computers. It allows users to download mails from the mail server to the local server and enables you to read the mail even if you are offline.

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3) Explain what is SMTP protocol?

SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol allows you to send emails and not to receive them, it act as Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) to deliver your e-mail to the recipient’s mail server.

4) Explain how to create an e-mail signature in an Outlook?

To set an e-mail signature in an Outlook
  • In the main menu under TOOLS, click on OPTIONS
  • Go to the MAIL FORMAT tab and click signature
  • Under signature tab, click NEW
  • Type the new signature’s desired name and the click OK
  • Type the desired text of your under “EDIT SIGNATURE” and then click OK and click OK again

5) Explain what is new in Outlook 2013?

In Outlook 2013, the new feature includes
  • Preview message in the message list: You can figure it out from the message list itself, what message to read and what to be ignored, as you can see a little description of mail on the mailing list.
  • Quicker respond with inline replies: Just with one click you can reply to the mail sender and act as a real-time chat

6) Explain how you can access AOL e-mail account with Outlook?

To set up an AOL e-mail account in Outlook
  • Select tools, from account settings in the main menu in Outlook
  • Go to the e-mail tab option and then click NEW
  • Ensure that Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP or HTTP is selected
  • Click Next
  • Type your name and enter your full AOL e-mail address
  • Click next, and after that make sure internet E-mail is selected
  • Click next again
  • Now select IMAP under account type
  • Under incoming mail server type “”
  • Under outgoing mail server (SMTP) enter “”
  • Enter your AOL screen name under user name and then enter your AOL password
  • Tap on more settings and go to outgoing server tab
  • Make sure “My outgoing server” (SMTP) request authentication is checked
  • Now go to the “Advanced” tab, under server port numbers type “587” for outgoing server (SMTP). After that click OK, now click Next and then click Finish and then click close.

7) Mention what is the short cut used to undelete a message in an Outlook?

To delete a message in an Outlook, you can use shortcut Cntrl+Z

8) Explain how to purge deleted messages automatically in Outlook?

To purge deleted messages automatically in Outlook
  • Open the folder in the IMAP account you want to set up for automation purging
  • Choose – edit ->Purge ->Purge Options from the main menu
  • Ensure Purge items when switching folders while online is checked
  • Click OK

9) Mention what is the short cut for switching to tasks and switching to mail in Outlook 2013?

  • Short cut for switching to tasks: Ctrl+4
  • Short cut for switching to mail: Ctrl+1

10) In Outlook 2013, how you can disable in line reply in the reading panel?

Outlook 2013 entitles you to directly write your reply to the mail in the reading panel itself, which is referred as “in line reply”. In order to disable the inline reply, you have to enable the option for regular message editor window instead of in line reply. File -> Options -> Mail -> Replies and Forwards -> open replies and forwards in a new window

11) How to block any e-mail address in

You have to add the e-mail address of unwanted sender into your list, in order to do that
  • Click the settings options in your’s toolbar
  • Select more mail settings from the menu
  • Under preventing junk e-mail option follow the safe and blocked senders link
  • Tap on Blocked Senders
  • Now here you can enter the unwanted e-mail address that has to be blocked

12) Mention how you can change mail format in MS OUTLOOK?

To change the mail format in Outlook,
  • Tap on the tools from the main menu
  • It will open a window, select Options from the window
  • It will open another window, showing mail set up and mail format — Click on Mail Format option
  • Scroll down for a different format and select the format you want like rich text, plain text and HTML
  • Click OK

13) Explain how you can manage archive settings in Microsoft Outlook?

To manage archive setting in MS Outlook,
  • Tap on tools from the main window
  • Then click on “options” tab, it will open a window showing “Spelling” and “Other”
  • Click on “Other” tab and select Auto-Archive
  • It will open window with all options like run auto-archive, prompt before auto-archive runs, delete expired items, archive or delete old items, etc.
  • Once you have set the options and setting, click ok at the end

14) In MS Outlook how you can create recurring meeting?

To create a recurring meeting request
  • In the main window, tap on options NEW, now click the arrow right of the NEW button and select Meeting Request
  • Click on options and then recurrence
  • Select the type of details from your options and then click OK
  • Enter the recipient’s mail address and then click send

15) Explain how you can manage junk mails in MS Outlook?

  • Go to the main menu, tap on tools option and select “options” tab
  • It will open a window, under preference tab; you will have the option, “Junk E-mail” and “E-mail options.”
  • If you click on “junk e-mail” option, it will open another window
  • In this window, you can choose the option and click on the checker’s box the way you required like “permanently delete suspected junk emails” or “disable links and other functionality in phishing messages.”
  • In the end, tap on “Apply” and then click “OK”.

16) Mention what is the shortcut in MS Outlook 2013 to switch on to the next message?

To switch on to the next message in MS Outlook 2013, you have to use Cntrl+Period.


  1. I have an item in the outbox but it wont’ send and Ive tried several time to delete and it won’t how do I remove this item from my outbox?

    1. Avatar Sidh Singh says:

      Try to make your outlook offline and then try to delete outbox email…

    2. Avatar Gautam Basra says:

      you have to go to control panel and email and change your outlook profile to cached Exchange Mode so that your emails will disappear from outbox…!!

    3. turn off your network connection and restart your outlook then go to out box delete mail list..

  2. Avatar robert kachi says:

    i sign today o outlook and i lost all my e-mail message on hotmail
    how can i get i back ????

    1. find sources file from C drive

    2. If your data is in your computer you can easily access your email again

  3. Avatar Elizabeth Allison says:

    have message outlook settings outdated — what do I need to do to update?

    1. find out CZ file on internet then install this file your offline most important turn off firewall settings and if you install antivirus also off. before you install

  4. Avatar Karen Sanders says:

    How can I write a new message when there is no room at the bottom of the screen? I can only write who the message is for and click send. I am on IOS

  5. Avatar Pawan Bhatt says:

    Please mention OST OR PST

    1. PST File (Personal Storage Table) For Exchange Server (Cached Mode) – OST File (Online Storage Table)

  6. Avatar Canon IJ setup says:

    Thank you for your article it is very useful and if you can help me on Canon IJ setup also so plese aslo post the article.

  7. Sir outlook is Crupt then what are repair us

    1. you try to backup your data file then you will uninstall your outlook after restart your pc or laptop now install outlook.

      step 1: click new mail settings

      Step 2: choose your backup file of your settings

  8. Avatar Glenda Green says:

    since purchasing my iphone 8+, I get Microsoft Outlook emails on it but they don’t show up on my desk top computer. I want it on both. what’s wrong?

  9. Avatar Beverley Crevar says:

    I have been saving important e-mail message to folders that I have created in Outlook. WHY aren’t these messages in those folders????!!!

  10. Can’t send emails to trash. Keep coming back to inbox.

  11. Avatar Srinivasa says:

    If would like to file att. in MS outlook similar to IBM lotus notes, what settings Or Options available?

  12. Avatar Jim Moysey says:

    How do I access my sent email on Outlook. The column of the left has my email address ,inbox,(Gmail), Outbox, RSS Feeds and Search Folders but no Sent emials.

  13. If I have Comcast on Outlook on 3 different computers, do I have to use same password on all of them? I I also have Comcast on my iPhone, so I have to use same password there as well.

  14. Your Inbox contains over 2000 emails. Many of them are from your boss and many of them contain attachments. What is the fastest way to find the one huge video file that your boss sent you months ago? *
    0 points

    1. Hi every body. I have a problem and I wish you can help me. When I select some emails via search, for example at outlook 2013, I searched word of organization, so each email regarding word of organization came up, then via ctrl+A, I selected all selected emails regarding organization, but when I wanted to drag/transmit the emails to a folder, I couldn’t do that? May you help what shall I do for rectification of this problem? Thank you.


  15. Avatar Peggy Harlow says:

    My Microsoft office Outlook cannot connect to the server. The box says –
    Your IMAP server wants to alert you to the following: 1014

  16. I have changed some setting by mistake and cannot rectify it – Now when I try to file an e-mail in a folder it just disappears – not sure where it goes to

  17. Avatar Hillman Tam says:

    Hello, I don’t know why when I shared my folder in one drive to others, it went to their junk email box. Thanks.

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