Top 20 PeopleSoft Interview Questions and Answers (2024)

Here are PeopleSoft technical interview questions and answers for freshers as well as experienced candidates to get their dream job.

1) What is PeopleSoft?

PeopleSoft is an organization that provides e-business application software over the internet.  It provides software for Human resource management, Supply chain management, CRM or Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Performance Management and so on.

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2) Explain what is Related Content in PeopleSoft?

In PeopleSoft, related content services are the framework within which administrators can contextually link application pages with collaborative content in any PeopleSoft application.

3) Mention what all technical things can PeopleSoft billing can do?strong>

With this application of PeopleSoft many things can be done like
  • Create bills
  • Receive billing data from other PeopleSoft applications
  • Receive billing data from other applications
  • Create recurring bills, installment bills, inter & intraunit bills and so on
  • Review and validate bills
  • Adjust invoices
  • Calculate sales, use, and value-added taxes
  • Defer revenue accounting and so on

4) Explain how the voucher build process flow works in PeopleSoft?

The voucher build process consists of two sub-processes voucher edit and pre-edit.  The pre-edit sub-processes create skeleton voucher record sets from the partial information that you provided online using the components like Quick Invoice Entry (VCHR_QUICK_PNL) or the Summary Invoice Entry (VCHR_SUMM_PNL), or that it obtains from other sources.  After the pre-edit sub-process creates voucher record sets successfully, it calls the voucher edit sub-process to complete the record sets.

5) In people soft in what many ways you can run an application engine program?

You can run an application in five ways
  • Application designer
  • Process Scheduler
  • AE people tools
  • Calling people code
  • Command line prompt(dos)
PeopleSoft Interview Questions
PeopleSoft Interview Questions

6) Explain how you can export SQL results to Excel using SQLPLUS?

To export SQL results to Excel using SQLPLUS, you have to follow the following steps
  • Step 1: Login into data-base using SQL PLUS
  • Step 2: Set mark-up using command “ SET MARKUP HTML ON”
  • Step 3: Spool the output to a file “SPOOL C:\TEMP\MYOUTPUT.XLS”
  • Step 4: Execute your SQL QUERY
  • Step 5: Set the Spool off
  • Step 6: To view the output open the output XLS file

7) Explain what is People Soft integration broker?

People soft integration broker provides SOA (service oriented architecture) technology, and enables the transferring of asynchronous and synchronous service operations. You can use the PeopleSoft integration broker to
  • To execute synchronous and asynchronous messaging among internal as well as third party systems
  • Delivers PeopleSoft business logic as web services to PeopleSoft and third party systems
  • Invoke and consume web services from third party and PeopleSoft systems

8) Mention what are the two important components of PeopleSoft integration broker?

The two important components of PeopleSoft integration includes
  • Integration gateway: It is a platform that regulates the receipt and delivery of service operations passed among systems via PeopleSoft Integration Broker
  • Integration engine: It is an application server process that routes service operation to and from PeopleSoft application transforms service operation structure and translates data as per the specification
PeopleSoft technical interview questions
PeopleSoft technical interview questions

9) Explain what is the role of PeopleSoft component Interfaces?

PeopleSoft component interfaces give a way to use the PeopleSoft database without using a graphical user interface.  A component interface wraps PeopleSoft component, which is a logical grouping of PeopleSoft pages representing a complete business transaction.

10) Explain File Interfaces in PeopleSoft?

PeopleSoft interfaces provide the ability to exchange files with third-party system or legacy system that do not support messaging.  Files are exchanged using file layouts. File Layouts supports following file types
  • Comma delimited files
  • Fixed format sequential files
  • XML files

11) Explain what does PeopleSoft query is used for?

PeopleSoft query is a way to generate ad-hoc and scheduled reports quickly from any source data stored in your PeopleSoft tables.  User can build and execute queries using any supported web browsers.

12) In what all ways you can use PeopleSoft Query?

PeopleSoft query can be used
  • To display data in a grid
  • To run queries as a discrete process
  • To schedule a query
  • To download query results to XML and Excel spreadsheet
  • To cater as a data source for Crystal Reports
  • To decide to whom to forward information
  • To cater as a data source for defining online analytical processing cube (OLAP)
  • To create a data source for PeopleSoft and Vision reports

13) Explain what is the use of Publish Utility in PeopleSoft?

The publish utility automates the procedure of copying the contents of the entire table into a legacy system or remote database.

14) Mention what is PeopleSoft Multi-Channel framework?

PeopleSoft multi-channel framework provides an integrated infrastructure to support multiple interaction channels for call center agents or other PeopleSoft users who must respond to notifications and incoming requests.  PeopleSoft multi-channel framework supports following channels.
  • Web collaboration (Chat)
  • Voice (Telephone)
  • E-mail
  • Instant Messaging

15) Mention what are the different types of service operation does PeopleSoft Integration Broker provides?

PeopleSoft integration broker supports four types of services
  • Asynchronous one-way
  • Asynchronous response/request
  • Asynchronous to synchronous
  • Synchronous

16) Mention where you can add a value to the underlying table in PeopleSoft?

In PeopleSoft, you can add a value into the “prompt table with no edit”.

17) Mention what are the tools are provided by PeopleSoft for testing your integration development?

The tools that are provided by PeopleSoft for testing your integration development
  • Send master utility
  • Simple post utility
  • Automated integration point testing
  • Transformation test utility
  • Handler tester
  • Schema tester

18) Mention what is the role of Schema Tester?

The Schema Tester utility allows you to validate rowset-based and non-rowset-based messages against message schemas during development to determine if messages link to defined message schemas.

19) Mention what does feed publishing framework provides?

Feed publishing framework provides
  • A set of API’s and code samples to assist application developers in making new types of feeds and synchronizing them with existing features
  • Unified interfaces for administrative users and content owners to create, configure and maintained feed definition of various types
  • Interfaces for end users to explore related feeds and search feed definitions

20) Explain in what ways you can create exceptions in PeopleSoft?

In PeopleSoft, exceptions are handled in two ways
  • Creating an exception base class that wraps the built-in function call and handles its function parameters consistently, which is more common way
  • By calling the built-in function CreateException
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