50 Microsoft Interview Questions with Answers

1) What are Microsoft security patches?

Microsoft security patches are intended to solve certain security loopholes and problems, while at the same time upgrading any existing security features. This would provide better protection by reducing vulnerabilities in security.

2) On my way to California, I saw a man with 5 wives. Each wife had 5 bag. Each bag had 5 cats. Each cat had 5 kittens. Kitten, cats, bags, wives. How many were going to California?

Only 1 was going to California, Me. It was not stated whether the man with his wives and pets were going in the same direction.

Another answer could be Minimum 1. As it was not stated where the wives, kittens and cats were headed

3) What is the next number in this series? 4, 6, 12, 18, 30, 42, 60, ?

With close observation, you will note that each number in the list is in the middle of two prime numbers. Thus:

4 is in the middle of 3 and 5, 6 is in the middle of 5 and 7, 12 is in the middle of 11 and 13, 18 is in the middle of 17 and 19, 30 is in the middle of 29 and 31. 42 is in the middle of 41 and 43, 60 is in the middle of 59 and 61.

Therefore, the next number would be the one that is in the middle of the next two prime numbers, which is 72 (which is in the middle of 71 and 73).

4) If a bear walks one mile south, turns left and walks one mile to the east and then turns left again and walks one mile north and arrives at its original position, what is the color of the bear?

The color of the bear must be White. The reason for this is that the only place where you can end up on the original position after taking those turns and one mile travel is if you’re on one of the Earth’s pole. Incidentally, only polar bears lived on these regions, and polar bears are white colored.

5) How would you build an alarm clock for deaf people?

Since deaf people don’t have the ability to hear, then the most appropriate alarm clock is one that can trigger their other senses. You can create an alarm clock that’s design to vibrate an object beside deaf people, such as a pillow.

6) What is the difference between standard modules and class modules?

Standard modules contain variables, procedures and functions that are accessible anywhere within the project. A class module contains properties and events, and is made accessible only by objects that were created as an instance of that class.

7) When you have a variable declaration like (dim variable1, variable2 as integer) , are they both of integer type?

No. Only variable2 is actually declared as of integer type. Variable1 is declared as of variant type in this case.

8) Why is it that you cannot overload the scope resolution operator (::)?

The main reason why the (::) cannot be overloaded is that only operators that take in values as parameters can be overloaded. The scope resolution operator does not take a value as parameter.

9) What is plug and play?


Plug and Play is a technology wherein hardware components that are installed on PCs using Microsoft operating system are immediately recognized and made usable. This means that the drivers necessary to make it work are already available on the operating system package.

10) Which programming language was removed from the Visual Studio family when VB.net was released?

Visual Foxpro was part of Visual Studio 6.0. It was excluded in the .Net version and was released as an independent programming language.

11) Can all controls be placed in an MDI form?

No. Only objects that have Alignment property can be placed in an MDI form.

12) Are files that were deleted from the Recycle bin gone for good?

No. What actually happens is that whenever files are removed from the recycle bin, the space occupied by that file is marked as available. As long as no other files are written on that space, there is a chance of recovering that deleted file.

13) Why are there different Microsoft Certifications?

The main purpose of Microsoft Certification is to ensure that qualification of an applicant for particular skills. Skills not only cover the software aspects, but in design and engineering as well. Microsoft Certification covers a wide list of technology and is recognize worldwide.

14) Why is code optimization important?

Optimized code tends to run faster and make more efficient use of the system’s resources. Optimized codes are also less susceptible to errors and take lesser space in memory and in file size.

15) What is Ribbon?

Ribbon is the term used as a replacement to the menu bar and toolbars in the older Microsoft Office versions. Under the ribbon, file menu items and toolbar buttons were grouped according to their functionality. It made these functions much accessible on the main interface, with the most commonly used buttons being shown instantly.

16) How does Microsoft classify security threats to its software?

Microsoft classifies such threats into 4 indicators, which are low, moderate, important, and critical. Such indicators are available as reference under the Microsoft bulletin.

17) What is OOP?

OOP stands for Object Oriented Programming. It is a programming model that centers on the creation of objects and classes. Unlike structural programming, OOP lets you write shorter codes by being able to reuse codes and create instances of objects.

18) How often should you check for Microsoft Updates?

As often as possible. Enabling the auto update feature of the Microsoft operating system would allow regular monitoring from the Microsoft site for available updates that can be downloaded and installed.

19) How do you prevent a control object from getting the focus whenever the tab key is pressed?

To skip a particular control object on the form, change its tabStop property to false.

20) What is the advantage of using ADO?

ADO, or Active X data objects, allows developers to create applications that can interoperate well with other data application services.

21) What is APM?

APM, or Advanced Power Management, was developed by Microsoft and Intel as an API. This API is mainly used for power management, and is very useful especially to those using Windows on their laptops or netbooks.

22) What is the maximum number of characters when applying MsgBox and InputBox?

The maximum allowed number of characters is 1024 characters.

23) In Windows XP, what does the letter XP stand for?

The letters XP actually stands for eXPerience. It was designed as an enhancement of Windows 2000, with a totally different and more attractive user interface/console.

24) What is a Hotfix?

Hotfix are files that are distributed by Microsoft Customer Service. These are intended to address issues such as bugs and errors within existing software.

25) What is NTFS?

NTFS is short for New Technology File System. It is the standard file system that is being used by operating systems starting from Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and even the newer versions like Vista and 7. It was originally designed to have a better performance on file storage and retrieval under the Windows NT family.

26) What are DLLs?

DLL is short for Dynamic Link Library. These are shared library files that contain usable codes and routines that other applications can utilize to create other new applications.

27) Which Microsoft Certification is considered the most popular?

It is the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE). This certification deals with skills related to applying solutions to business productivity by utilizing Microsoft Server operating system.

28) What is registry?

Registry is a very important component of the Windows Operating System. It stores  important information, such as setup and configuration, installation settings, and user settings.

29) What is ScanDisk and what does it do?

ScanDisk is a diagnostic tool that checks a hard drive for errors, file corruptions and data integrity. It can do repairs on errors that it detects.

30) How do you reverse a doubly-linked list?

To do this, start from the head and traverse to the end. For each node in the list that was traversed, swap the values of the links “Next” and “Prev”. After that, set the “Head” to link to the last node or tail.

31) Give some known Windows version and its codename

Windows 98 – Memphis
Windows Me – Millenium
Windows XP – Whistler
Windows Vista – Longhorn
Windows 7 – Vienna and Blackcomb

32) What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored in a browser. It keeps track of user preference, like what sites are visited, what keywords are used, among others.

33) What File system is supported by Windows XP?

Windows XP supports four major file systems: FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS. This means that Windows XP can be installed on these file systems. The use of NTFS is preferred especially when using a bigger hard drive space.

34) What is the purpose of a Service Pack?

A Service Pack combines hotfixes and updates into one installer module. These are mainly used to upgrade an existing software version without the need to uninstall and reinstall an entire software package.

35) What is the purpose of Option Explicit?

Option Explicit ensures that all variables to be used in a program are defined or declared, therefore specifying what data type it is intended for.

36) Differentiate linked list from arrays.

Arrays can store data in a fix allotted space. The use of linked list allows more flexibility because space is dynamically allocated as needed.

37) What is defrag?

Defrag is a system utility tool under Windows operating system that is designed to rearrange the ordering of data on disk. This action makes the disk run faster and access to data more efficient.

38) What is the difference between a Windows server operating system and a workstation version?

The server version of a Windows operating system is designed to provide more optimized networking services over a network. It can manage domains better and it includes more security feature and data backup support. Workstation versions act merely as clients and therefore do not need to have as much resources when compared to the server versions.

39) What is the purpose of creating partitions for a Windows operating system?

Creating partition may serve different purposes. The common reason is that a separate partition can be used to store data files so that when Windows needs to be reinstalled, the main partition can be formatted without fear of loosing data, which are stored on the other partition.

40) How do you correctly arrange the order by which pressing the tab key will move from one control object to another?

You do that by setting the tabIndex property. Click on one control object to another in the sequence that you want, and then each time you set the tabIndex property of each object as 0. That will automatically arrange according to the sequence that you want.

41) What is IIS?

IIS, or Internet Information Server is a technology that integrates with Microsoft servers in managing internet related functions, such as web site administration and creation of web-based applications.

42) What is a symbolic link?

A symbolic link does the same function when compared to a standard shortcut. However, a symbolic link works at the file system level, and therefore doe not leave any physical file name on disk.

43) Are sessions stored and recalled?

No. Sessions are only present as long as the browser is used. When a browser is closed, the session is terminated as well, and all data stored in the session is lost.

44) Which Microsoft Certification is required for applicants whose qualification includes proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office programs?

The MOS, or Microsoft Office Specialist certifications, is required for such a case. Applicants who hold such certificates show that they meet the standards set by Microsoft in terms of applying Microsoft Office programs and Windows operating system for everyday productivity.

45) What is COM?

COM is short for Component Object Model. It is a Microsoft technology that allows developers to make use of reusable components and services provided by Microsoft. COM technology includes COM+, DCOM and ActiveX.

46) What is dual-boot system?

Dual boot system allows you to install and maintain two operating systems on a single PC. The purpose for this is to maintain compatibility between older and newer software. For example, there maybe programs that only work under Windows 98, therefore having a dual boot system between Windows 98 and another version like Windows XP is a good choice.

47) What files are important in a bootable Windows XP operating system?

There are four important files in order to make a bootable Windows XP operating system. These are Ntldr, Ntdetect, Boot.ini and Ntfs.sys

48) Is it advisable to install separate Firewall software in Windows?

Windows already has a built in Firewall software. Installing another firewall software can lead to program conflicts and would open loopholes in security.

49) Give an algorithm that will perform swapping of values between two variables.

Let’s call the first variable A and the second variable B. Designate a third variable that will be used for the swap. Calling this third variable MIDDLE, assign MIDDLE to contain the value of the variable A. Then assign the value of B to the variable A. Finally, assign the value of MIDDLE to the variable B.

50) What is the advantage of NTFS over FAT and FAT32?

NTFS was build for better performance, especially when it comes to managing the way files are stored and retrieved. It supports encryption, compression and improved metadata support. As a result, NTFS is more robust, secure and has better utilization of hard drive space.



  1. Aside from the fact that most of these are silly questions for a technical job interview, the answer provided to your second question is just plain wrong. The CORRECT answer is: “From the information provided, it cannot be determined how many people are going to California, but the minimum number is one.” No mention is made of the intentions of people (or animals or inanimate objects) other than the POV character. Some combination of the man, his wives, the bags, and the cats may have been going to California as well.

    1. Apart from technical, such questions are certainly asked while interviewing for Microsoft.

      As for second question, you are correct and we have updated the answer

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