Top 10 UI Developer Interview Questions & Answers (2022)

1) Who is UI/UX Developer? What he does?

As the name suggest UI / UX stands for User Interface Design or User Experience Design. The role of UI / UX developer is to focus on the way the functionality is displayed and the detail on how users interact with the users.  They code for the functioning of the front end interface or User Interface.

2) What Skills are required to become a UI Developer?

Following skillsets are essential to become a UI Developer

Additional Skills required

  • AngularJS
  • SEO
  • User Research
  • Usability and Analytics
  • Visual Design and Content Strategy


3) Explain how you can add text in final cut pro?

  • In the time-line double click, in order to display it in the Viewer window at the top. At the lower end of the viewer, tap on the icon with big letter A, which indicates the text button
  • In the viewer window “Text” will appear in the viewer window. Tap the controls tab to open the text editing window
  • Type your text into the text box
  • Use the options or tools, given below the text box to change the font, size, style and color
  • To add your text into the Timeline, under Viewer, click on the video tab, then drag and drop the text into the timeframe where you wanted it to appear

4) Explain what is the use of SmoothCam Filter and how it works?

SmoothCam filter in Final Cut Pro is to analyze a clip’s complete media file before the effect can be played or rendered in real time.  SmoothCam filter requires two independent phases:

  • Motion Analysis: Pixels are analyzed in successive frames to determine the direction of camera movement. It stored the analysis data on disk
  • Motion Compensation: During rendering or real time playback, the SmoothCam filter avails the motion analysis data to implement a “four-corner” transformation to each frame.

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