50 Most Common Interview Questions and Answers in HR round

Here are most commonly asked questions during an HR interview round for freshers as well as experienced job seeking candidates. This HR round interview questions guide will help you crack the interview and help you get your dream job.

1) Tell me a little about yourself.

This is a popular interview question
Following are 4 sample answers

Sample Answer #1

I am Andrew Bell, a computer graduate from MIT. I like to apply my analytical skills to develop world-class products in the XYZ domain. When I am not working, I volunteer to NGO’s as it allows me to serve needy people.  I also travel a lot and an active member of XXX travel group or club through which I could explore my hobby more.

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Sample Answer #2

As a technical project manager, I have more than six years of experience at top Wall Street Companies.  In a recent company, I led the development of an award-winning new trading platform.  I am a person that survives in a fast-paced environment. At the moment, I am looking for a chance to apply my technical expertise and my creative problem-solving skills at an innovative software company like this one.

Sample Answer #3

Since the last 4-5 years, I am deeply involved with my administrative work. I have always been interested and enjoyed working in the computer industry, but I consider myself lucky that I got an opportunity to work at different levels like business analyst, programmer, and assistant manager.  My main strength is the ability to maintain a great rapport with the customer and my attention to their details.

Sample Answer #4

I am one of the top graduates of my batch in College. I am known in school as an organizer, having held several committees and organizations since my first year. I am a dedicated person who never stops working on something until it is perfect. It would be a pleasure for me to discuss how I can be such an asset to your company.


  • Try to cover your accomplishment in your answer
  • Talk about the work or project that resembles the requirement of the position
  • Mention what led you to this point in your career and why the job is the perfect match for you
  • Don’t narrate anything that is personal
  • End your answer by telling them you want the positionand why
  • Use selective terminology in your answer like problem-solving, innovative, fast-paced, creative and so on

What not to say

  • Don’t speak the same thing that is already mentioned in your resume
  • Don’t counter question your interviewer by saying – “What do you want to know?” (Sounds Rude)

2) Why do you want to work for this company?

This is a popular interview question

HR Interview Questions and Answers

Following are 4 sample answers

Sample Answer 1:

I would be proud to work for a company like yours with such a long history of leadership in the industry. I have carried out web research and believe that the company’s XYZ products and its future projections are very impressive and promising. The XXX team is the team I would take pride to work with. A place where my skills or background fits perfectly and can be utilized, respectively.

Sample Answer 2:

Your company made its fortune in making great products that help people do X. But on top of that, it is the kind of place where I can fit in and excel, so I was thrilled to see you have this opening.  Your company believes in providing superior service, and I share the same value. It enables me to not only fit into your organization but complement the team as well.

Sample Answer 3:

I was delighted to see on your website that your featured employees are talking about how great it is to work for your company. These days so many people seem to despise where they work for one reason or another. It’s wonderful to see that your employees are proud to talk about how much they love their jobs.

Sample Answer 4:

This company is on the list of most admired companies every year. I want to play a role in ensuring this company stays on that list. I want to be part of a company that offers no less than quality in terms of products and after-sales services.


  • Conduct thorough research of the company and company’s top executive before facing interview
  • Learn about the company’s vision and how you can contribute to it
  • As a professional, you should able to demonstrate your eagerness to work for the company
  • Demonstrate evidence that you understand the employer’s business
  • Mention why you rely on XYZ company for your growth and why it is the best place to utilize your skill and experience for the benefit of the company
  • Demonstrate your belief in the company’s product or service

3) Do you consider yourself successful?

This is a popular interview question
Following are 5 sample answers

Sample answer #1

I feel successful with continuous progress.  I find it exciting when I am allowed to implement new ideas and see its fruition. I would define my success as I have learned through years and use them when circumstances arise or demand.

Sample answer #2

I feel successful when I meet my short term as well as the long-term goals. I try to achieve the set goals and work hard as much as I can. I try to reach those goals and achieve the desired outcome. I want to recognize myself as someone with a progressive attitude who does his best and gives 100% to attain goals.  To me, success is not just my personal achievements but also by the efforts of the people around me.

Sample answer #3

Success to me is knowing that I am excelling in my performance and feeling fulfilled. My work should add value to the company and its customers. Knowing that each day, I am making the world a better place, is a success to me. I would define success at work as what I have learned from key job assignments experiences.

Sample answer #4

Success to me is spending the majority of the time focused on work that is fulfilling and increasing my efficiency to become helpful for the organization growth.  While I also believe that greater success can be achieved while working as a team towards a common goal.

Sample answer #5

Yes. During my ___ year career, I have learned to set goals and to make sure I meet each of it. I make sure obstacles do not hinder me from reaching my goals, but instead should inspire me to exert more. I believe the new position I am applying for will enable me to reach up higher and be more successful


  • Summarize your career goals
  • Don’t say something that sounds self-centric

4) Are you willing to travel?

Yes. I love traveling. Adjusting to new places and meeting new people would be a delightful experience for me.

5) What are your salary expectations?

As of now, I haven’t thought much about it. I’m more focused on learning the requirements for this position that I am applying for.

6) What would you consider your greatest strengths & weakness?

Your greatest strengths & weakness

This is a popular interview question

Following are 4 sample answers

Sample answer #1

My strength is my ability to convert negative work environment into positive. At the same time, developing a supportive team. I am also capable of keeping many projects on track and ensuring deadlines are met. As far as my weakness is concerned, I get impatient sometimes in order to get everything done very quickly. To tackle the problem, I am trying to re-consider the to-do list and prioritize the tasks.

Sample answer #2

I am very comfortable working with different groups of people. My strength is my analytical and planning skills, developed over the years. It helps me to complete my work before the deadline. I am a little bit nervous while speaking in a group, but I have given many presentations to overcome this.

Sample answer #3

I am efficient in many programming languages, including HTML, C++, Java, and AppleScript.  I have generated over 100% excess revenue for two separate companies through cost-cutting programming efficiency, and I have leadership experience with a team of five IT professionals working on some of the popular iPhone apps online.  As far as weakness is concerned, I have a tendency to remain quiet in meetings, but I am working on speaking up when I feel I have ideas to share.

Sample answer #4

I’m a highly motivated person. I don’t stop until I get things done. I value other people’s time and the company’s resources. I work to become an asset, not a liability.

People say I sometimes act too much as a perfectionist. To counter this, I attended seminars that teach me how to manage myself well.


  • Focus mostly on strengths
  • Show the interviewer how you are putting effort to overcome the weakness
  • Mention about your real weakness but do mention about how you are going to fix it
  • Make sure your strength and weakness don’t contradict each other
  • Research well about the position you are applying for and identify the area where you can apply your strength
  • Choose a weakness that is acceptable for the job in hand
  • Don’t confuse interests with strength or dislikes with weakness

7) What motivates you?

This is a popular interview question

Following are 4 sample answers

Sample Answer #1

I am a very result-oriented person. My primary motivation is to achieve the desired result.  While I enjoy working on the project on my own, I am particularly motivated by the buzz of working in a team. It’s very exciting working closely with others, who share the same common goal. I also like to take on the challenge and rise to that challenge as part of a concerted team effort.

Sample Answer #2

Primarily, my ability to work hard and delivering result motivates me.  But subsequent recognition of my efforts gives me the encouragement for my next efforts.

Sample Answer #3

Responsibility towards work motivates me the most, and my aim within any company is to move up to greater levels of responsibility to achieve each goal with better responsibilities.

Sample Answer #4

Many things motivate me. My goal is to be the best of what I can be, often motivates me to go beyond my own expectations. When I see myself being productive every day, it motivates me to continue.


  • Sometimes, the best solution is, to be honest- you can say money is your motivational factor, but it should be your last option
  • Mention things like Job satisfaction, working towards a goal, contributing to a team effort, or developing your skills. Provide a specific example that supports your response
  • Excitement for new challenges
  • Quest for personal development

What not to say:

  • Do not mention that you are motivated by bragging rights, material things or fear of being disciplined

8) Tell me about your dream job.

The only dream job I’ve always had was a job that keeps me busy, a job wherein I get to contribute to the company’s success.Common Interview Questions

9) Why did you leave your last job?

I left my previous job because I feel I want to do more, to get hold of a greater opportunity to serve.

10) What experience do you have in this field?

I have created several systems that are still in use to this day. Some of the systems I’m proud which include [mention those remarkable ones]

11) What do co-workers say about you?

My co-worker [name] at [company] never gets tired of telling other people how brilliant I am when it comes to [specific task].

12) Why should we hire you?

Following are 5 sample answers

Sample Answer 1:

In my XXX years of experience as a manager, I have built-up solid motivational and team-working skills. I was awarded twice as the manager-of-the-year for my excellent methodologies for motivating employees to encounter challenges and meeting deadlines. If hired, I will carry forward this ability of leadership and strategies to achieve profit gains for this company.

Sample Answer 2:

The subjects I chose while working for my degree in XXX subject has prepared me for this particular post. Also, my two-year experience working with company X has given me the platform to master the skills that I needed to deliver for this position. It seems as if I was prepared all my life to land this job.

Sample Answer 3:

For this particular job, I have the perfect combination of skills and experience that is required. I also bring rich experience of strong analytical and problem-solving skills that I have gained while working with other companies. My dedication to excellent work standards will add value to the team and the company.

Sample Answer 4:

I am quite aware of the company’s mission of acquiring the largest consumer base in the area to become the front-runner in the supplier’s or provider’s community. My domain knowledge and hold over the customer base can make a big contribution towards this. I would really enjoy this challenge of growing this business bigger.

Sample Answer 5:

As I have said earlier, my years of experience in this field is something that can truly contribute to this company’s success. My sense of dedication in every task that I handle is definitely a big plus. I believe my skills and work attitude measures up to your company standards.


  • Emphasize on your uniqueness but keep it concise
  • Highlight your strength, skills, and accomplishments
  • Give an example that describes you as a quick learner
  • State or provide some evidence that shows how you contributed to the growth of the previous company in terms of revenue, goodwill, and brand
  • Include the research you made on the company. For a smaller company (2 to 50 employees), you can say- “your company is open to new innovative ideas.”

What not to say

  • Try to avoid saying- I need a job, money, or this place is close to where I live
  • Focus on what can you do for the company rather than what they can do for you
  • NEVER DO THIS- comparing your skills to others. The natural instinct to this question is we usually start comparing our skills to others when this question is put through.

13) Are you a team player?

Yes, definitely. While I will deny the fact that I can work independently with minimal supervision, I’m also one companion every leader would ever want to be in his team. Whatever task is assigned to me, I make sure it meets and exceeds what is expected of me. I also make it a point to reach out to teammates whenever needed.

14) What is your philosophy towards work?

I have only one philosophy when it comes to work: every piece of work, regardless of size, has to be done on time and in the right manner.

15) What have you learned from mistakes on the job?

I learned that without proper coordination, even the simplest task could cause problems in a project. I had this problem during my first job. From that time on, I made sure every I think follows every detail and coordination.

16) Describe your management style.

Basically, my management style comes with promptness and flexibility. To make sure goals are achieved, I religiously study and make plans down to the smallest detail. While I do implement a strict sense of being time bounded, I also add reasonable allowances and make room for contingencies.

17) How would you know you were successful on this job?

Being successful means goals that are set are being met. Being successful also means standards are not only reached but also exceeded wherever possible.

18) Are you willing to work overtime? Prepare for night shift and work on Weekends?

I understand that being asked to work for an extended number of hours comes with a good reason in the first place, so I’m ok with it. It an extra effort means something for the company. I’ll be happy to do it.

19) What will you do if you don’t get this position?

I have high hopes that I will be hired. In case it turns the other way around, I would have to move on and search for another job.

20) What have you done to improve your knowledge in the last year?

I have attended several self-improvements, time management, and personality development seminars. I have also participated in training workshops related to [industry].

21) How would you be an asset to this company?

My skills in [key skill for the position] are outstanding. I have earned a lot of awards and certifications from my past employers. As an employee, I handle pressure with ease and can work with minimal supervision.

22) How long would you expect to work for us in case you are hired?

I would like to be in this company for a long time. For as long as management sees me as an asset, I am willing to stay.

23) Describe your ability to work under pressure.

I understand the nature of this position that I am applying for quite well, along with the pressure that comes with it. Being under pressure doesn’t discourage me but motivates me more.

24) Tell me about a problem you had with a supervisor.

I’m sorry, but I can’t recall any instance when I had such a problem with a supervisor.

25) Why do you think you would do well at this job?

Because I love this job, I feel very confident of myself and my ability to deliver nothing short of quality output. My years of experience helped me develop these skills.

26) What irritates you about co-workers?

I always get along fine with my co-workers. I tend to be open-minded and very considerate.

27) Do your skills match this job or another job more closely?

I feel my skills are best fit for this job.

28) What has disappointed you about work?

I once felt that I was not being given enough challenges to work on. I was a bit disappointed because I was so eager to go for more.

29) If you were hiring a manager for this job, what would you look for?

I would look into two essential things: the ability to do the job right and the proper attitude to do it. Skills without the right attitude will not contribute to productive output.

30) What role do you tend to play in a team?

I tend to be versatile when it comes to being a team player. I can act as a leader, an assistant, a communicator, a secretary, whatever role that will ensure the success of the team. That’s because understanding the different roles will allow each player to take on the role of others, in times of need.

31) What was the most difficult decision for you made?

It was a time when I had to choose between joining a group of employees protesting some issues in the company and staying away from the issue. I ended up being a mediator between the employees and our immediate supervisor, and I was glad I made that decision because it all ended well and without further conflicts in the workplace.

32) Are you willing to make sacrifices for this company?

I would be willing to do that to the best of my ability. I can manage personal matters on my own without causing conflicts when management needs me most. However, I will not comprise on my values.

33) What are the qualities do you look for in a boss?

I look at my boss as a person who can easily relate with me, can make firm decisions, and is transparent. A boss with a sense of humor would also be a delightful idea.

34) Are you applying to other companies as well?

Yes. I have submitted my applications in some of the best companies like [….]. Above all, my priority and hope are that I will be able to land a job in your company.

35) Do you know anyone who works in our company?

No. I found your ads in a popular job posting website.

36) How do you propose to compensate for your lack of experience?

I am a quick learner. Every time there is something new thrown at me, I take time to study it at the soonest time.

37) Have you ever worked in a job that you hated?

Not exactly hated. I once had a job that does not exactly match my qualification. Nevertheless, I was glad I took the job because it was an opportunity to learn something new and added to my list of experience.

38) What would your previous supervisor say your best point is?

Some of my strongest points at work are being hardworking, patient, and a quick learner.

39) What is the most challenging thing about working with you?

My co-workers often say I’m too serious about my work. However, I have attended some personality enhancing seminars to blend better with colleagues.

40) What suggestion/s have you made in your previous employment that was implemented?

I once suggested that management and staff should have more regular meetings instead of quarterly meetings. I was happy that the administration took note of this and even commended me for taking a good initiative.

41) Would you rather be liked or feared?

I would like to be liked, but more importantly, I would prefer to be respected. Being feared does not necessarily command respect.

42) How do you cope with stress?

I pause for a few minutes, look out into the window. Brief pauses in enough to get me charged again. I can manage stress well enough and does not decrease my productivity level.

43) Would you rather work for money or job satisfaction?

Job satisfaction is more important to me. Working just for the money may not be fulfilling if I don’t like the job in the first place. Job satisfaction makes me stay productive; money would naturally come along as well.

44) Describe your work policy ethics.

Always give your best in every job, if not, don’t do it at all.

45) What was your biggest challenge with your previous boss?

My previous boss was very strict when it came to deadlines and output. It was a challenge for me to meet every expectation he made. It was also a good learning experience for me because it only made me better at what I do.

46) Do you enjoy working as part of a team?

Yes, I enjoy it very much. Being part of a team means you get to contribute for the good of all, while at the same time there’s are members who can support you and share more knowledge with you.

47) Why do you think you deserve this job?

Because I believe my talents and skills will definitely be a big contribution to your company’s continuing pursuit of excellence. I’m a fast worker and hardworking person who can be a very reliable asset to this company.

48) Has anything ever irritated you about people you’ve worked with?

I go along fine with co-workers. When I feel the other guy’s, attitude is a negative one; I try my best to approach him and talk things over. I always make it a point to stay positive and transparent with people around me.

49) Do you have any questions for me?

I would like to know what the next step for me are. I would also be interested to know more details of this position I am applying for.

To seek a good job and build a career in any industry, candidates need to crack the interview and HR round in which they are asked for various interview questions.

We have compiled a list of commonly asked HR round interview questions and answers that an interviewer might ask you during any job interview. Candidates applying for the job from fresher level to advance level job are likely to be asked these HR round interview questions depending on their experience and various other factors.



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        #9. Top Ten Interviewing Mistakes: “I’m a Perfectionist”

        Why on earth would you want the recruiter to think that you’re a perfectionist? Take a moment and think about the characteristics of a perfectionist: annoying, obsessive, and irritating to work with. Remember the last time you worked with a perfectionist? Did you find it fun? No, you didn’t. You found her hard to work with and extremely obsessive over the project. Do not say you’re a perfectionist!

        Talk about a weakness that can be turned into a strength, that can be viewed as a positive

        1. It’s best to to give a better answer or alternatives, so give us an example

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    2. Well, I don’t see anything wrong with that answer because it specifically didn’t say he’s a perfectionist. it simply said people sometimes say he acted too much as a perfectionist, and it stated what he did to try to counter that argument. That move could also be argued to say he worked on it and turned it to something positive.

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      Good Reasons for Leaving Your Job :-

      Limited growth at company
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      Looking for a new challenge
      Good career opportunity
      Went back to school
      Change in career path
      Company downsized
      Company went out of business
      Reorganization or merger
      Long commute
      Needed a full-time position
      Position eliminated
      Position ended
      Offered a permanent position
      Landed a higher paying job
      Seeking a challenge
      Seeking more responsibility
      Seasonal position
      Not enough hours
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    The other things that’s frustrating me is that I am pigeon holed into “Just Beings A Help Desk Tech” Im a network Administrator Im seeking this kind of work, why is this so hard to achieve? I am frustrated and totally sick of the way hiring managers, and interviewers perceive me as someone who always has to be in charge, or that I am unable to be humble and do what i am told by a supervisor of the new position I am targeting. How much clearer can I make it that I can follow instruction, I will do as I am told and that I am looking to be in a new career position for as long as I can be. I am not doing this as a means to sustain myself until my next entrepreneurial inspiration comes to fruition. I want to hear from hiring managers, and company executives as to what it is Need to do in order to get past the initial interview process and get hired… This is just maddening .

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