How to Write a Letter of Interest [Samples & Templates]

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Write a Letterof Interest

Letter of interest is written so that you can express your personal interest in working for a preferred company and in your field of interest. You can respond to an advertisement published on the newspaper or TV by that company, or just to discover if there is an opening in the same. Following are some tips to elicit a favorable response.

Step 1: Draw the Attention of the Hirer

Draw the attention of the hirer
Draw the attention of the hirer

It is essential to make your letter look and feel significant and interesting to the person who would be reading it as there are dozens of letters pouring into HR departments in companies each and every week. Type it out neatly with proper spacing and good language. Be smart and find out the individual’s name that hires the required employees. Addressing that person with his name would ring a bell in his head and draw his attention. Do not start with “To whom so ever it may concern” or “sir” or “Madam” as it may not be polite or catchy and could be used by many people that apply for the same position in the company.

Step 2: Do a Thorough Web Research

Do a thorough web research
Do a thorough web research

Do a thorough web research about the company and learn about their services and products. Start your letter with the first and foremost reason to apply in that company. You can say what attracted you to apply for a job in that particular company. Your web research would help you to specify your interest in the company. Mention what prompted you to apply for the job. Was it the advertisement you saw on a newspaper or media or referred by an employee?

Step 3: Portray Yourself as an Asset to the Company

Prove yourself the best
Prove yourself the best

Give your qualifications in the next paragraph. Specify why and how you can be counted on as an asset to the company. Give details about your skills, your strengths and all that you have achieved in your profession. Tell him what and how you helped the previous company you worked for; by taking up a project and what made them depend on you to do it. You can line up your credentials in your resume. Do not repeat all that you have put down on your resume. Hit the nail on its head.

 Step 4: Give Your Call Back Number and Address

Give your address and call back number
Give your address and call back number

In your last paragraph thank the person for the time he gave you to talk about your interest in applying for a job in that company. You can also give him a time when you would contact him next, to know about any progress. Give him your phone numbers and address.

Step 5: Do not forget to attach your resume

Do not forget to attach your resume
Do not forget to attach your resume

Once you have finished with writing the letter, attach your most recent resume with it. Your resume and interest letter are two different documents, do not mix them. You may include some important and relevant information of your resume in your interest letter, but do not go beyond that. Try to elaborate your major qualities and skills which make you a perfect candidate for the post.

And the most important Tip:Do not wait for the last day to apply. Early bird catches its prey.

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Sample Template for Letter Of Interest

Name: Ms. Jen Carlson

Address: 4264 Randolph Street

Phone: 508-726-1480


Date: June 7, 2016

Designation: Human Resources(HR)

Company Address: 35 Lawrence Street Goodlettsville, TN 37072

Dear Ms. Jen,

Recently I went through your website and learnt that you have a disaster management department coming up. I thought you might want to recruit some skilled and knowledgeable people in this area and was interested. I have a strong passion for disaster management, and I am currently working with the United Kingdom version of the Red Cross as a volunteer. I would be very happy to learn of any possible openings in your new department.

I graduated with a First Class Honours Disaster Management Degree from the University of Birmingham in 2011. My working experience comprises of 7 months as an intern with the local authority and a further 3 months with magnate organization. I have been with the Red Cross from January 2013 to date as a team member of the rapid response wing.

I would appreciate if you consider me for any future post in this department. Attached herein is a copy of my resume and testimonials. I have also attached a template of a malaria prevention project I am currently pursuing. Kindly use the number 11111111 to contact me if you want to know more about my qualifications and professional experience. You can also expect a call from me from Monday, next week. Thank you as you consider my interest in working with your organization.

Yours sincerely



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