How to Write a Resume & CV with Format & Template Examples

This mega tutorial, all that you need to learn about CV and Resume. It compares CV with Resume, gives expert tips to create them, and provides lots of sample templates from them.
Here is what you will learn –


Difference between a CV and a Resume?

A “CV” or Curriculum Vitae is essentially the same as a Resume with a few

basic differences.

Simply explained; a CV is used in the United States for employment purposes, whereas a Resume is what you would use in the United Kingdom.

Additionally, a CV is the preferred format for most international job applications; so it is natural that the majority of job seekers opt to prepare a CV and Resume both. In some circumstances, employers in the US would specifically ask for a CV; hence, it is imperative that you check out the requirements of your potential employers while submitting your application. This is especially true in case of applying for academic positions where research experience and academic achievements are the criteria of the selection process.

One of the most noteworthy differences between a CV and a resume is the length of the two documents. A CV is longer than a resume and more comprehensive. Naturally experts also clearly state that a CV should be no longer than two pages in length, but it is not surprising when people with highly extensive career backgrounds have one that runs longer than ten pages. Many are also known to include a list of their publications in their CV, in which case it naturally tends to run longer than two pages. A resume, on the other hand, is rather more concise and is typically one page long.

As the CV is longer and more detailed; the experiences and information mentioned in it should be presented in reverse chronological order.Thus, more recent employment history and most relevant information must be presented at the beginning. Additionally, a CV should begin with a professional profile of the candidate followed by his/her personal traits. If space permits, you must also enlist your career objectives, which should ideally complement the job title that you are applying for.



Format of a CV

        • The first thing to do in a CV is to list the name, address, contact details etc of the candidate.
        • Include a targeted objective summary section that helps the reader understand at a single glance what you wish to achieve and whether you are a right match for the job.
        • Include a synopsis describing your strengths skills etc.
        • In reverse -chronological order list the education qualifications including institutions where you studied, grades and major subjects etc.
        • Now, in a chronological order, start with the most recent position/employer and explain your job position/title, description of your responsibilities and tasks. Try to keep things to the point and as far as possible, use action oriented and concise wordings.
        • End the resume with your special achievements, honors, awards and accolades etc.
        • Also, you may want to include special computer skills, languages spoken etc.
        • Some experts recommend re-summarizing the work experience and the period of work etc.


Steps to create a CV

Step 1: Make notes of all your work experiences which include paid and unpaid experiences, as well as the full time and part time jobs. Also note down the responsibilities, the titles of jobs and company names etc.

Step 2: Make notes of educational degrees, courses, certifications, school names and all other courses that are relevant to the position you are applying for.

Step 3: Make some more notes of memberships you might have in various organizations, or any other special skills and accomplishments, voluntary work etc.

Step 4: List the relevant points from all the notes made above. These should be relevant to the required skill set of the position for which you are applying. These will be the important points you will write in the CV.

Step 5: Begin writing the CV – Start by listing your name, age, sex, marital status, nationality and contact details like address, email and telephone number. This should be at the top of the CV.

Step 6: Write your objective; this basically describes in brief the job position you are hoping to get.

Step 7: Summarize the educational qualifications and mention all the degrees you hold and specific courses that are relevant to the job position.

Step 8: List your experience starting from the most recent job and progressing backwards chronologically. Focus on skills that you have picked on these jobs that are relevant to the current job. Also mention the details of the projects/companies that you have worked as well as your title and responsibilities whilst on those jobs.

Step 9: List down additional skills including languages spoken or computer skills etc

Step 10: List down your hobbies and interests.

Step 11: References. Mention a line that says “references attached/included”.

Tips for writing a CV

  • Always use common sense when formatting your CV using the computer. Make sure you do a “print preview” to verify that the CV is not appearing too crowded or misaligned. Also evaluate consistency of spacing in the document.
  •  Font: There are no set rules for choosing a font size for the CV, but experts recommend tried and tested fonts like Times New Roman or Arial. Avoid fonts that will distract the reader. Always use the same font for the entire document with the exception of the font for your name.
  • Seek templates: Many academicians and professionals have posted their CVs online on corporate websites and online faculty pages. These can be used designing your own CV, but you must choose the template that closely matches your field, discipline and interests.
  • Avoid personal pronouns like I, me, etc. Use sentences like “Managed and led a team of 10 to …..” and so on.
  • Use active and dynamic verbs like attained, accomplished, managed and founded etc
  • Telephone must have international dialing codes.
  • American or British English must be used throughout the document as relevant.
  • While there is no right or wrong way of writing a CV, make sure you have your basics right. Ensure including all the relevant information, job experiences, academic achievements etc.
  • The presentation of a CV is also important. A crumpled, folded CV is not going to create a good impression.
  • The ‘hotspot of a CV’ is the upper middle area of Page -1. This is where the recruiter’s eyes will be for the majority of time. Try including the most relevant information here.
  • Take clues from the job description. Try to demonstrate skills and work experiences that are transferable to these requirements.
  • Make the most of the skills, interests and work experience sections. Skills, especially, can be obtained from any unlikely areas, including participation in local sports team or volunteering for charity orgs. Even the interest section should be written in a manner that makes you seem like an interesting personality.
  • Last, but not the least, keep refreshing updating your CV after some time. There might even be some voluntary work you have done recently; make sure it goes on there as employers get impressed with candidates who make efforts to keep enriching their skills and talents.


Template for CV

Your Name

Personal Details

Name, address, email, phone

Date and place of birth


Objective– To obtain a position at ABC where my educational qualifications, marketing and management skills, and training experience will be utilized to the highest extent.


 Mention all degrees and give the name of grad school, date of completion, as well as a brief description of majors, minors etc. Give a topic of thesis etc.

Work Experience

In reverse chronological order starting with most current job title, mention all your experience including company name, positions you held and date/month/year of job. Give a brief account of your roles and responsibilities.

Emphasize any relevant job experience that will come in handy for the post you are applying. Make sure there is no gap in your work history.

Computer and languages

Mention any additional computer skills or languages you know. Mention the level of fluency such as native, basic, intermediate, fluent etc.


What are your hobbies and have you been active in organizations? Have you volunteered anywhere?

Special skills

Mention any awards, publications, military service etc.


Put down the details of the referee such as name, email and contact number etc. in case a professor is willing to speak on your behalf.


Types of Resume

There are four key types of resumes namely reverse chronological, target, functional and combined. The resume type, one chooses, depends on the job and circumstances. It is vital to consider your career goals and present situation before settling on a particular resume type. With these considerations, any of these four resumes can work to your advantage.

Chronological Resume

The chronological resume is considered the most conventional form of representation on paper. Since the focus is on experience, this resume is preferable for those who stay in the same profession but have changed jobs.

Characteristics of Chronological Resume

        • Lays emphasis on continuous employment
        • Considers short-lived employment stints
        • Arranges information in descending order(most recent first)

Requirements of a Chronological Resume

In this type of resume;

        • It is extremely valuable to have selective wording, so as to save the employer from much interpretation work
        • Use action verbs to describe experiences, and emphasize transferable skills

When to Choose the Chronological Resume

It is advisable to use the chronological resume format if;

        • Your recent job titles and/or employers are the sole pertinent credentials you possess.
        • Any prospective employer will readily understand your recent positions and skills.
        • There is a clear and logical path in your career towards the next hot job.
        • There are no time gaps in your working history.

Functional Resume

Functional Resume
Functional Resume

This is also a popular resume format in use today. Contrary to the chronological resume, this format type, highlights the skills and accomplishments of the candidate. For those changing from one career to another, or are generalists, perhaps you need to try this one. In addition, the functional resume works so well for people with a wide range of professional skills, military officers, and students etc.

Characteristics of Functional Resume

        • Emphasizes skills, accomplishments, and qualifications
        • Ignores chronological order
        • Tells the employer what the candidate is able to do
        • Focuses on skills, qualities,and aptitudes that the candidate may apply in various situations
        • The most suitable to circulate among your networks

When to Choose the Functional Resume

The functional resume is valuable for people who;

        • Want to work in a field different from their academic background, or whose job-related experience is not direct
        • Have a so general education that a gap must be bridged to match their education with job requirements
        • Have immense work experience, which might be of immediate use.
        • Are in self-employment and own a business

Combination Resume

Combination Resume
Combination Resume is a mix of 2 resume types!

A combination resume is simply a blend of the functional and chronological varieties. This type is perfect for candidates with an uninterrupted job history. The advantage of this resume format is that it allows the candidate to list achievement under each job. In this arrangement, the employer is able to see whether qualifications match the job requirement.

Advantages of Combination Resume

A candidate would choose this format because;

        • It is suitable for any kind of job seeker
        • It highlights both experience and skills
        • It allows the candidate to aim for a particular organization or position

The main drawback of this type of resume is that it tends to be longer than the rest. This is partly because; you may need to repeat skills and accomplishments in both the “chronological” and “functional” sections.

Target Resume

Target resume to hit the sack
Target resume to hit the sack

This is the rare type of resume. Usually, this resume does not go beyond one page as it contains only few sections. Only the information required for a position is included in this representation. Therefore, if one is looking for different positions, he might want to have several target resumes.

It is argued that using a target resume increases the chances of landing a job. A target resume helps the candidate get noticed by the employer, thus increasing job chances. This is because; unlike the all-purpose version, a target resume is tailor-made to meet specific requirements.

A sample target resume may have these sections: Name & contacts, Profile, Abilities, Achievements, Experience and Qualifications.

When to use a target resume

You may want to use a target resume if;

        • You have the skills and abilities, but lack direct job experience, as required
        • you are applying for a position in an organization you are presently attached to
        • You are applying for a specific job


Tips To Succeed With Resumes

        • Regardless of the type of resume, you opt for, there are some guidelines that might help create the best representation. Remember that the employer is looking for certain attributes and the candidate must showcase them on paper. Consequently, it is necessary for the candidate to craft the resume in such a way that it speaks the employer’s language. The importance of keywords in the resume rings in mind at this juncture.
        • Employers are also looking for results from their employees, so this attribute needs to be evident throughout the resume. Therefore, instead of highlighting character traits and job specifications, the candidate may want to focus on accomplishments on the job.
        • Yoy may use free word processing programs such as Openoffice and Google documents that you can use to type your résumé . You will want to use Microsoft Word if it is possible. The reasoning behind this is that these  free programs do not have as advanced editing features. In addition files in these types of format may not process correctly when electronically submitted to the employer.
        • When typing your résumé, use a generic font such as “Times New Roman”. Using other types of font is distracting or considered unprofessional.  Make sure that all of your contact information is easy to find. Your contact phone number, home address, city, state, and zip code should all be listed. Your résumé should be no longer than two pages in length.
        • Choosing the résumé format is another important factor.
        • It is good practice to tailor your résumé toward the position you are applying for. A good way to do this without having to re-write your résumé for every job application is to include an “Objective” and “Summary of Qualifications” heading.
        • The purpose of the “Objective” is to convey what your intentions are and why you are the best candidate for the position. For example, say you are applying for a position in pharmaceutical sales. A strong objective statement would be written like the following:  “To obtain a pharmaceutical sales position in an organization that is seeking an extraordinary record of generated new clientele, exceeding sales goals, and creating customer loyalty”. Generating new customers, breaking sales goals, and strong loyalty would all be extremely important to this type of position. Objectives must be concise and straight to the point in order to be effective.
        • Your “Summary of Qualifications”, will  be a collection of several concise statements that focus on your most importation skills, abilities, and achievements that you bring to the table. This is the most difficult part of your resume to create. Every word that you use or don’t use on your “Summary of Qualifications” matter. In order to create the most effective one, you must  look at the job description. Pick out what qualities the employer is looking for with the position. You may also need to brainstorm other qualities that the employee would ideally want in a candidate for the position. An example of a “Summary of Qualifications” would be the following:Passionate leader with eight years of experience inspiration employees to perform above and beyond. Out of the box thinker who energizes through change, driving excellence, and growing employee talent. This lead to a series of promotions, leadership awards, and accomplishments in unprecedented sales. Previous background includes negotiation, public speaking and marketing. Committed to developing strategies for long term grown.
        • Lastly, you will also want to include an area in your résumé that highlight your skills and/or accomplishments. In this section, you will go into more detail about what you have achieved in your previous positions. This section can also be named “Professional Highlights”, “Summary of Accomplishments”, “Recent Accomplishments”, etc. You may want to use bullet points to structure this part of your résumé. Specific facts and figures should be included when possible. For instance, “Reduced employee turnover by 40% from 2010 to 2012” is a viable fact that will stick out to the employer. You will want to keep this section, like the rest, concise. Another example of a bullet point that could be added to this section is: “Chosen by the C.E.O. Of Pepsi to lead a special task force to plan and implement a successful marketing strategy for selling a new snack in Brazil.”
        • Before you hit the send button on that email to a prospective employer it never hurts to have a second pair of eyes look over it. While editing software today will catch many errors, having someone else look  it over your will ensure that it makes sense when read by another person. By following these guidelines, you are sure to get a call about an interview and be well on your way to a new career.


Sample Functional Resume

Sample Functional Resume
Sample Functional Resume






Date of Birth

Place of Birth

Citizenship: American

State: Minnesota

Religion: Christian

Languages: Spanish, English



A hardworking and focused production engineer with 15years experience in the automotive and IT sections. Has a quick grasp of anything technical with a mastery of various programming languages including java and C. Proven ability to adapt many job situations with professionalism and ethics. Demonstrated keenness in meeting set goals and sticking to deadlines, without supervision.


Career Objective

        • To serve in any relevant organization that allows for career growth and personal advancement
        • To use my professionalism to promote the policies of the company, and leave a positive prolific impact on the organization.


Summary of Skills


Job Experience

Engineering management

Has more than 7 years experience as process engineering manager overseeing the operation, maintenance, and repair of engineering systems such as packers, heat exchangers, boilers, wrapper machines, forklifts, control and metering devices.

        • Knowledgeable and experienced in creation of daily work packages for technicians
        • Highly experienced in work-in-progress inspections, enhancement of workplace safety and quality assurance
        • Immense experience overseeing mechanical engineering technicians concerned all maintenance procedures
        • Troubleshooting manufacturing problems using engineering techniques and supervising an overhaul of processing equipment for repairs

Project management

        • Worked for several house drainage projects for both the municipal councils and neighborhood associations. Always completed the projects on time and rarely exceeded the estimated budget
        • Worked with immense dedication for all clients earning even the recognition of the head of state.
        • Handled numerous previews for projects from within and without my domain, offering consultancy on any necessary adjustments. This would save thousands of dollars that would have been lost in the project initiation and implementation stages.
        • Went out of the way to conduct reviews of the housing project months after the closeout stage, even doing minor repairs for free.


Job History

Diamond Trust Sugar Factory      July 2000- Present

Shift Engineer

Viscar Consultants Limited    Feb. 1996-May 2000

Design Engineer

Bidco Consumer Foods   April 1994-may 1996

Quality Assurance Manager



Livingstone Technical University      1998

Master of Technology in Energy Management     

University Of Dukes        1995

Post Graduate Diploma in Process Management

Myda School of Quality Assurance      1991

Diploma in Quality Assurance 



The international association of the project and program management

The project management institute


Referees(Put at least 3 here)

Chef Resume Sample

Sample Restaurant Culinary Resume
Sample Restaurant Culinary Resume






A hardworking chef with immense experience in the culinary field and exceptional cooking skills suitable for any top-level organization.

Summary of Qualifications

        • Over 4 years experience in the food service industry
        • Has shown an incredible ability to combine both culinary and people skills in the working environment
        • Talented in creating original menus and products for the great satisfaction of clients
        • Has trained extensively in food handling and worldwide cuisines

Job Expertise

        • Highly knowledgeable on food safety and culinary nutrition
        • Averse with the process of preparing the food with the highest standards
        • Highly trained and experienced on mannerism and etiquette

Professional Experience

Hilton Chain of Hotels   August 2012-April 2013

Culinary Chef

        • Was in charge of 11 cooks of the main hotel in New York
        • Maintained kitchen inventory, ordered for the food and supplies and ensured food was of the right taste and quality
        • Ensured that the kitchen was perpetually sanitized and that the kitchen staff followed sanitary and safety procedures
        • Hired and trained new chefs for the hotel and our branch in a neighboring town

Savonna Leisure Resort   February 2009-March 2012

Chief Chef

        • Hired and trained the kitchen personnel
        • Determined quality standards of the food and also devised presentation methods
        • Oversaw the purchase and consumption of food
        • Cooked food for special guests such as the area governor, dignitaries and government officials
        • Ensured proper hygiene & sanitation, ensured the proper function of equipment and priced the food menus

Madison Hotel    June 2008-January 2009


        • Oversaw a group of 7 cooks
        • Was in charge of all kitchen inventories including ordering for kitchen food supplies
        • Creating new food menus according to customers likes and dislikes
        • Directed and sometimes participated in food preparation and cooking for guests


Institute of Culinary Education   February 2006-October 2008

Culinary Arts Degree


(Available upon request)

Sample Customer Service Resume

Can I Help You?
Can I Help You?




Email address


To obtain a people-centered position in an organization where I can adequately use my customer service skills, problem solving experience and critical analysis


        • A result-focused customer service professional with 7 years experience in offering superb services using laid down practices and principles. Very experienced and comfortable in dealing with all issues related to customers including questions and complaints.
        • Highly proficient in a number of skills such as Microsoft office and Zendesk
        • Specialized in handling balance sheet reconciliation, online customer support and phone conversations


        • Demonstrated great pro-activeness in dealing with complex customer needs
        • Diverse knowledge and experience on how to handle billing of payments, assign charges, and orders
        • Proven record keeping prowess especially when it comes to clients contacts and past engagements
        • Very strong in demonstrating the various functions, products, and services of the firm


        • Voted employee of the year for 2 consecutive years for the great feedback about professional performance from return customers


Work Experience

ABS Enterprises      2012-Present

Customer Care Representative

ABS Enterprises is a medium sized energy engineering consultancy firm located in Washington City, United States. It has workforce of about 150 people and an annual turnover of over $50 million

        • Receiving and returning calls, both locally and internationally
        • Dealing with all customer complaints and problems and as part of timely resolutions, sometimes referring them to management
        • Providing information in the company to callers, and making call backs to past clients
        • Recording all phone conversations according to departments and making relevant tickets

Dreamland Group of Companies   2000-2011

Customer Care Agent

Dreamland Group Of Companies is a major flower maker in the US with branches in several states. It employs over 2000 people and deals with flowers, jewelry, and simple accessories

        • Performed after sales tasks such as sending emails and invoice copies
        • Directed clients upon arrival at the company premises
        • Dealt with client issues and provided amicable solutions
        • Kept a record of daily interactions with customers and shared this with relevant departments



        • Excellent people skills
        • Good problem-solving skills
        • Great flexibility according to clients demands



        • Golfing
        • Playing the guitar



Gist Institute of Management     1998

Diploma in Human Relations


REFEREES (on request)


Sample Electrician Resume

Be ready to be an electrician!!
Get ready to be an electrician!!





Summary of Key Competencies

        • Over 6 years experience in the electrician field
        • Successful track record working with a wide range of facilities and systems
        • Excellent work ethics with religious adherence to the electrician regulations
        • Up to date with latest innovations and developments in the industry.


Work Experience

Mayfield Electronics     July 2012-Present

Mayfield Electronics is a company based in the US that specializes in the electrical installation services in factories, schools (both public and private), hospitals and government buildings


        • Being in charge of apprentices and contractors
        • Assessing projects for possible improvements
        • Preparing proposals and estimates for the companies wiring projects
        • Keeping all the inventories for electrical wiring works

Key achievements

        • Developed a new program for recruiting new designers online
        • Voted as the most innovative worker for 2012

UHT Milk Industries     January 2010- May 2012

UHT Milk Industries is a processing company that deals with milk products for the Virgnia market, with about 1,500 employees.


        • Trouble-shooting all electrical problems in the factory and made recommendations on repair
        • Upon permission from the electrical engineer, repaired the factory equipment within a given time frame
        • Inducted and trained newly recruited apprentices on a wide range of the electrical equipment and processes

Key achievements

        • Feted for relentless efforts to have  a more efficient generator installed
        • Given the role of conducting bi-annual electrical safety training to new workers in the factory

Munah Electrical Contractors     April 2009- August 2009

Munah Electrical Contractors is a leading company in electrical installations especially with regards to fibre optics technology. The company is located in West Virginia but has a number of branches in several parts of the country.


        • Dug trenches to lay conduits, and carried the heavy equipment and objects
        • Used the local codes and specifications to design and install electrical fixtures.
        • Using hand tools, fixed couplings and support brackets
        • Checked, tested and installed the electrical equipment and fixtures using the relevant tools

Key achievements

        • Commended for desire to learn and hard work
        • Used my great interpersonal skills to improve customer-care experience


Professional and Academic Qualifications

Gild Technical College, New York, USA

Electrician’s Diploma


Professional Membership(S)

Member-Professional Electricians Program


REFEREES (available on request)

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Sample Hair Stylist Resume

Be a professional hair stylist!
Be a professional hair stylist!






Career Objective

To use my professionalism in hairdressing to offer superb services, and to impart a lasting prolific impact in the achievement of the organization goals.


Work Experience

Gloria Hairdressers      January 2013- To Date

Hair Stylist

        • Recruiting and training new hairdressers
        • Attending to scheduled appointments for hair styling, cutting, colouring etc.
        • Maintaining and ensuring all hair equipment are in good order
        • Marketing and branding the company products and services using social media platforms and other means

Key achievements

        • Have already mentored 7 hair dressers who can now perform their duties without supervision

Veera Beauty College    December 2011-October 2012

Hair Dressing Trainer

        • Trained and mentored new students on the basics of hair dressing/styling
        • Organized  and managed all hair dressing equipment and products including electric razors and hair sprays
        • Formulated and executed the marketing strategies for the college services and hair dressing courses
        • Attended beauty seminars, meeting and team building functions
        • Played a leading role in hair dressing training programs, verification procedures, curriculum formulation and induction of students

Key achievements

        • Helped increase the sales of beauty products by 15% in 2011 using intense marketing campaigns
        • Recognized for taking a winning hair design to the city pageant show

Dynamic Hairdressing    January 2011- July 2011

Hair Stylist

        • Designed hair styles for children and adults, both male and female
        • Oversaw the usage of products and operation of hairdressing equipment
        • Hired and inducted the new hair stylists
        • Handled credit card and cash transfers

Key Achievements

        • Awarded for selling the most products from a group of 12 company associates



Loyalty Beauty College   January 2011

Diploma in hair dressing



Member-State Board of Barbers & Hairdressers



Certified by the Professional Licensing Authority



Climbing mountains, cooking pancakes when camping, writing creative stories



Mark Rodriguez

Proprietor, Rod hairdressers

16 Livestrong Street

Memphis TN 98874

Mobile: 00000000



Judy Tarus

Hair stylist, ABC hair dressers

209 Woodland Avenue

Memphis TN 8888

Office phone: +124986453



Marion Dennis

Hairdressing lecturer, Veera Beauty College

19 Fountainview Street

Memphis TN 90823

Phone: 84863674



Sample Law Student Resume

Time to be a lawyer!
Time to be a lawyer!



Email and Phone

Objective- To seek a challenging position in a reputed Law firm.


[From –to current year]    University of ABC

1st year average of 74 %

        • Understanding Law-78%
        • Constitutional Law- 75%
        • Law of Contracts-71 %
        • Law of Torts-71%

Second Year Modules

(Enter the second year marks).


        • Dean’s List in First Year
        • First Place in University Debate competition
        • Achieved a special commendation for Mooting
        • Voted Course representative.

[From-to]   High School Name

        • A levels
        • AS levels
        • Key Skills include communication, IT skills,
        • GSCEs- Grade A+ in all 12 subjects.

Relevant Work Experience

<Name of Legal Office>

Period [Summer job]

Title: Legal and Paralegal Assistant

        1. Understand client needs and extract information. Use excellent communication skills to engage clients.
        2. Explain complex laws to clients in a manner that is easy to understand
        3. To write bench memos.
        4. To draft opinions and orders.
        5. To research and write memoranda and motions for commercial trade secrets and
        6. To assist with arbitration in LLC disputes
        7. To develop a congressional sponsorship strategy for a youth group
        8. During this period, had the chance to work under the supervision with other legal officers and shadow them in practicing in areas of personal injuries, residential property advice, and employment advice and in matters of clinical negligence.
        9. To read case files and discuss the same with senior partners
        10. To observe cases and gain an insight into the law
        11. To attend court hearings

Other work experience

Wetern Church — Worked as a clerical assistant and delivered cash receipts to banks on a daily basis. Also typed official documents for senior members of staff and other materials for associates.

 Community services — voluntary member for the United Way and

Richardson High School  — Mentoring

Relevant skills

        • Expert in all Microsoft Packages including MS Word, Excel And PowerPoint
        • Skilled in using the Internet for research
        • Expert in using email facilities offered by Outlook etc


        • Fluent in English
        • Conversational ability in Spanish


Horseback riding, camping, swimming

References:  Available upon request

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Sample Nanny Resume

Get ready and write an effective nanny resume!!
Get ready and write an effective nanny resume!!



Email/Phone no.

Career Objective

A well behaved, professional and tender-hearted baby sitter eager to get a nanny position in any household or company where I can use my natural baby care abilities.

Relevant Qualification

        • Ability to prepare milk and food, and wash utensils
        • 5 years as a nanny in a private home
        • Immense experience in handling children of both sexes; taking the baby to the park
        • Going out for a walk, or exercising with baby using a pram daily
        • Valid driving license
        • Comfortable and reliable around children of all ages

Key Skills And Competencies

        • Exemplary organization and planning skills
        • Tolerant and full of energy even in stressful situations
        • Able to adapt to different situations
        • Can multitask
        • Impeccable judgment and communication skills

Job Experience


Double M Childcare Services, Oklahoma


        • Responsible for housekeeping and baby care during duty hours
        • Handling all childcare issues that include food, studies, medication and discipline
        • Ensuring a safe environment for children by determining who goes near children, as well as getting a track of parents whereabouts
        • Doing normal household chores: ironing clothes, shopping errands and cooking

JUNE 2008-JANUARY 2012

Mrs. Coulibaly Residence, 15th Oakwood Street, Arizona


        • Took care of three children aged between 1 year and 9 years
        • Undertook household chores including ensuring a healthy and safe environment, reading stories to the children, going to the local park with the children, preparing well-balanced meals
        • Did cleaning in the house, did children laundry and tidied their rooms
        • Changed children diapers


Nanny Basic Skills Certification

Child Development Associate Certification

CPR Certification


Training with the American Red Cross on Childcare and First Aid-2007

High School-2006

Interests And Hobbies


Reading plays

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Networking/IT Engineer Sample Resume

Time to be an IT engineer!
Time to be an IT engineer!






University of Technology ,Texas , USA

        • Engineering degree in Computer Science and Software Engineering
        • Graduated in the year
        • Specialized in Networks analysis and synthesis

Technical Degree in Networking {Georgia College of Tech Engineering in 2008}

        • Excellent communication skills
        • emphasis on team management

Professional experience

General Electric, GE    From [2009] to present

Network Engineer and IPv6 Expert

        •  Ongoing IPv6 development
        • Gained in-depth understanding of Netdot network management software
        • Redesign and reimplementation of L2 and L3 infrastructure
        •  Server virtualization

General Electric                                          

Final Year Internship

        • Studied, developed and implemented IPv6 protocol
        • Analyzed and documented systems and services
        •  Studied and implemented NETDOT management software
        •  Was involved in initial handling of network appliances including switches, routers, access points and wireless controllers.


NetLink (Open source Industry)

Software and systems Engineer Intern

        •  Internal project developed in Linux and on MS-Hyper Virtualization
        • Was responsible for technical support during architecture deployment
        • Audited a Linux server system hosting several critical applications

Operating systems

        • Linux and GNU on desktops and servers
        • Good Knowledge of Apple Mac OS
        • Good Knowledge of MS Windows
        •  Basics of SUN Open Solaris
        • Can quickly and efficiently adapt to any Linux
        • Knowledge of systems security
        • Daily use of relevant Integrit, Log Watch etc

Network and Services:

        •  Good knowledge of Ethernet and TCP/IP
        • Firewalls
        •  Static routing
        •  Solid knowhow of L2 protocols
        •  Daily use of Linux IP route for policy routing etc
        • Skills in network forensics and auditing
        • Excellent knowledge of open VPN and mail servers


        • Basics of SQL, HTML
        •  Good Knowledge of Python and C, C++


        •  Fluent in English
        • Understand Spanish

Interests and hobbies

        • Swimming
        •  Reading
        • Computers and all modern electronic devices and appliances
        • Reading about networking and Information systems security


Available upon request.

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Sample Nurse Resume

Resume for the job of a nurse
Resume for the job of a nurse





Registered nurse with [No. of years] years of experience consisting of emergency room experience, IV therapy, post surgical care, post anesthesia and  Intensive care.

Objective: To obtain a position as a registered nurse

Education-Bachelor of Science in Nursing, University Name

Credentials and Certifications- Mention the State where you are registered from as well as other credentials and certifications like CPR certification or ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) and PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) etc.

Mention Honors, Activities and Clinical experience if any


1) [Name of Hospital/Clinic] – Registered Trainee Nurse     Year [from-current]

        • Provided on-call IV therapy and was responsible for insertion of peripheral IV, catheters and de-clotting PICC lines.
        • Was also responsible for inserting PICC lines under supervision.
        • Assessed the medical history and condition of patient and could also review test results independently.
        • Was responsible for documenting all conditions, procedures and test results as per the HIPAA compliance standards.

2) [Name of Hospital/Clinic] – Registered Nurse for inpatient, post surgical care – Year [from-to]

        • Monitored and recorded vital stats as well as sedation and pain levels in patients who had undergone surgical procedures. This typically involved pediatric and adult critically ill patients in the inpatient department.
        • Gave post operative care to endoscopy patients.
        • Also maintained emergency equipment supplies, educated families regarding post-operative care and accessed and updated patient records including those for monitoring adverse reactions to medications, as well as patient vital stats.
        • Also performed IV peripheral insertion throughout various departments of the hospital.

3) [Name of hospital/facility] – Head Nurse in Charge   Year [from-to]

        • Conducted assessments in busy emergency department in third shift
        • Oversaw the daily administration and prioritized and assigned cases to 6 other nurses.
        • Responsibilities also include patient discharge procedures and educating families etc.

Other skills

        • Sign Language I and II courses
        • Word Processing-comfortable using WordPerfect6.0
        • Active member of American Nurses Association and Emergency Nurses Associations
        • Fluent in English, Spanish.


References available upon request.

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Sample Retail Position Resume

Time for planning!!
Time for planning!!







Very dynamic and dependable salesman who likes interacting with clients, and enjoys selling services and products. Has worked for different companies in various environments where expertise has been polished. Armed with excellent interpersonal skills and able to negotiate with all types of clients. Has demonstrated ability to explaining different products to clients and learning new sales techniques very quickly.

Career Objective

Looking to work in a retail sales position where I can apply my negotiating and interpersonal skills to advance the policies of the firm and grow my career.

Work Experience

Ideos Foods, City, State,    2011-Present

Sales Representative

Ideos Foods is a NY based company that deals with processing and packaging of foods such as meat and fish for regional and international markets

        • Taking care of the warehouse, ensuring floors, walls and roofs are clean at all times
        • Looking for sales opportunities and discussing any of these with the management.
        • Dealing directly with customers, giving relevant information and processing payments
        • Taking care of stock delivery and storage

Jambo Drill      2000-2010

Sales Associate

Jambo drill is a renowned chain of groceries, spanning the western states of the United States. Annual sales for last year were $12.5 billion

        • Maintained a high level of customer satisfaction even in stressful situations
        • Advised clients on different products and persuaded them to buy.
        • Took care of inventory and sale of grocery products
        • Constantly communicated with other sales associates to exchange sales ideas


        • Retail Specialist of the Year    2009
        • The Most Promising Credit Person of the Year 2000

Key Skills/Competencies

        • Negotiation
        • Inventory & cataloguing
        • Client management
        • Product presentation
        • Immaculate health
        • Brand positioning
        • Very astute
        • Sales proactive



The university of Johannesburg     1999

Degree in retail operations


Reference on Request

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Teacher Resume Example

Back to School, now to Teach!!
Back to School, now to Teach!!





          • A teacher with many years experience of successfully teaching and assessing children on their aptness and abilities, and highly regarded for his superior interactive skills.
          • Great desire to motivate students to reach their potential by inspiring them and making sure they build self-esteem.

Greatly Knowledgeable In:

        • Standard Emergency Procedures
        • Different techniques of instilling order and discipline
        • How to handle wayward children to achieve the best results
        • Developmental theory and its application in children’s education system

Relevant Experience


Maili Mbili High School, Edinburg, Scotland

February 2010-Present

        • Developing and implementing lesson plans for the 7th grade, administering standards examinations and analyzing performance
        • Taking part in staff and parent meetings and conferences
        • Promoting a good teacher/student relationship and ensuring a safe and a conducive learning environment for pupils
        • Overseeing both individual and group reading exercises in Science and English subjects


Wonderful Town School, Baragoi Wetlands, OH

Autumn 2009

        • Prepared and conducted lessons in Science, Mathematics and History
        • Designed and implemented an interdepartmental oral competition based on the country’s constitution
        • Stood in for Mr. Mathews in his grade 6 social studies lessons


Brook House Elementary School, Newport, AZ

July 2007-January 2009

        • Prepared and implemented lesson plans for fourth grade
        • Prepared unit tests, administered them and analyzed performance of individual students
        • Handled writing and reading lessons in individual and group sessions
        • Actively participated in staff and parent conferences both inside and outside the school
        • Ensured a conducive learning environment for students and encouraged participation in class


Marlboro College, Newport, AZ


Bachelor of Education Arts

Nimesota High School



Town Presbyterian Church, Newport, Arizona

December 2004-May 2006

I was chairperson of the church youth group that participated in different community work programs.

Ideal Children’s Home, Hurlingham, CA

January 2005- March 2006

Prepared meals, handled laundry and mentored school going children

REFEREES (available on request)


Sales Associate Resume

Get ready to be a sales associate!
Get ready to be a sales associate!





Key Competencies

  • Immense and broad knowledge of sales experience with a proven record of gaining and retaining new clients
  • Shown great people skills and relationship with customers
  • A successful record of analytical and organizational experience even in extremely stressful environments
  • Able to meet strict deadlines either to the organization or clients

Work Experience

Liberty Manufacturers, Juba South Sudan  July 2010- To Date

Sales Executive

  • Doing rounds and surveys to determine the needs of the customers
  • Selling the company products to far-flung places
  • Ensuring that the store meets its targets in terms of bi-annual sales estimates
  • Explaining and suggesting new products to customers
  • Ensuring that the store is clean and well-arranged at all times

Key Achievements

  • Ensured that the sales target for the past 2 years was reached
  • Managed to create a healthy rapport between the sales and accounting departments due to highly improved keeping of inventories
  • Was able to work under immense pressure during my first year on the job

Wonderjoy Merchants   April 2007-May 2010

Sales Representative

  • Used marketing techniques such as visits and use of social media to win new clients
  • Enhanced brand awareness by participating in seminars and seminars in several cities
  • Sold cosmetic products to new and old clients as well
  • Handled a number of administrative tasks, prepared reports and analyzed sales data
  • Identifying and solving all customers’ issues in a timely and conclusive manner

Key Achievements

  • Adhered to the business plan to exceed sales targets by 20% in the 2009 financial year
  • Voted as the employee of the year in 2009 for my efforts during the rebranding of the company
  • Developed the training curriculum for new sales people in readiness for expansion to 3 cities
  • Introduced the idea of social media marketing which saw the knowledge of the brand cross regional borders

Professional and Academic Qualifications

The University of Eldoret, Eldoret Kenya

MBA, 2013 (expected)

Maryhill University of Business

Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing Option) July 2008

Gregory School Of Business, Mombasa Kenya

Diploma in Management

Professional Membership

Kenya Institute of Management


(Available upon request)


Cashier Resume Sample

Jane Doe

20987 Green Valley Drive



Cell Phone: 555-555-5555


Objective: Seeking the challenging position of lead cashier in the right environment where I can utilize my capabilities and experience.


  1. Result driven and ambitious cashier having more than 5 years of experience in merchandising and customer service.
  2. Advanced knowledge of algebra, arithmetic, geometry, statistics and calculus and the ability to apply them.
  3. Fluent in English and Spanish and knowledgeable regarding grammar, compositions and spelling abilities
  4. Knowledge and experience in using relevant equipment and also can follow policies, strategies and procedures relevant to the local region, state or even on a national level.
  5. Advanced knowledge of security systems to protect people, property, data and institutions.
  6. Able to work in a team and have advanced communication and interpersonal skills.
  7. Quick, reliable and trustworthy.


De Anza Community College

  • Social Sciences and Humanities major (Year)

Cupertino High School

  • High school diploma (Year)

Work Experience

1) 7/11 Store in Valley Green Drive Road, California              {from – to present}

Role:  Assistant Cashier

  • Operated cash register for the store
  • Assisted customers regarding purchases and offered customer support
  • Developed a reputation for the prompt service and was commended for accuracy and efficiency
  • Had an in-depth knowledge of store merchandise
  • Calculated payments received against total sale reconciliations
  • compiled and maintained non-monetary reports and records
  • was known as a team player with excellent interpersonal skills
  • maintained constructive working relationships

2) Michael’s Art and Craft Stores, Cupertino, CA                                     {From –To}

Role- Assistant Cashier Manager

  • Provided information to customers regarding store merchandise
  • Was in charge of counting money in cash registers at the start of shifts to make sure that amounts were correct and that there was sufficient change.
  • Monitored checkout stations and assisted check out personnel by handing cash and change
  • Bagged, boxed and even gift wrapped merchandise that was to be prepared for delivery or shipment.

3) KFC- San Jose, Ca                                                                                            {From-To}

Role- Shift supervisor

  • Participated in training courses pertaining to financial reporting and accounting management
  • Performed in-depth opening and closing procedures to ensure all operations were conducted with standards and accuracy
  • Trained newer employees in all aspects of job operations
  • Handled money in large volumes and balanced cash drawers at end of the shifts
  • In charge on the maintenance of inventory
  • Had to display skills of leadership, delegation and communication.

Additional Skills

  • Knowledge of MS windows and Apple Mac
  • Can use Excel, MS-Word independently
  • Can use the Internet for research


  • Native English
  • Spanish-Basic written and spoken

References available upon request


Salary History Template

Salary History Template
Salary History Template








Company Address

Dear Mr./Ms. Name,

I am delighted to apply for the post of a maintenance engineer in your reputable firm.

I am working as a Chief maintenance engineer, in mechanical department, for Forward Processing Zones. In this capacity, I have been able to apply my superior managerial and technical skills to help reduce turnover of the company. I am, therefore, looking for a more challenging task in your firm.

I am a Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering and have recently enrolled for a Masters Degree in Energy management.

For years I have been working, I have held managerial positions in various organizations, within Pakistan and across the border. I am greatly interested in working in your mechanical engineering department hence my decision to apply for this post.

In my previous work engagements, I worked successfully as part of teams and had overseen major projects. I am able to contribute to the agenda of the organization by thinking strategically and aligning projects to the timeframe and budget.

My CV is enclosed here, and I will be waiting to have a one-on-one discussion about my suitability for this job. It is my hope to hear from you soon. As you had requested, below is my salary history.


Salary history

Position Company and address Duration Starting salary Closing salary Extras
Chief Maintenance Engineer, Mechanical Department Forward Processing Zones, Texas Phone: 284848770001 Feb 2013-To Date $60 K exclusive of travel and other allowances n/a $7k bonus for training,2 weeks vacation to the Maldives, IndiaA company maintained car
Supervisor, Oil Refinery Bodca Oil Refineries Limited,  California Phone: 002284889588 May 2000- Dec 2012 $ 65K inclusive of allowances and insurance $65.5K Bonus of 15% on salary+Company car
Mechanical Maintenance Engineer Regional Beef Processing Company, New York Phone: 0002545454 January 1999-april 2000 $ 54K $55K n/a
Supervisor, Mechanical Engineering Operations Lockerbie Foods Company,  Florida Phone: 54555845410 July 1997-september 1998 $50K $52K n/a

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