How to Write a Cover Letter for a Job Application Examples

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How to Write a Cover Letter

An aspiring candidate’s job application can be crushed literally in 10 seconds due to a poorly written cover letter. Most busy hiring managers have no tolerance for cover letters written in a manner that clearly indicate the aspirant is not serious about getting the job. Thus, a cover letter represents the primary contact point between you and your hiring organization.  Smart people take this as an opportunity and write a stylish and rich cover letter that helps engage the hiring manager and also represents one as a strong candidate.

Cover Letter is Important!!!

Get your Basics right

A significant thumb rule applicants must never forget when sending cover letters is to send one with their resume. Also, one must ensure mentioning noteworthy things like why they are applying for the particular position. The hiring manager is likely to scan hundreds of such letters, so you must make sure that yours is remarkably concise, to the point and stands out in the crowd.

Goal of a cover letter

Naturally, the goal of every cover letter is to establish the writer as a compelling potential candidate. Common pitfalls that your cover letter must avoid including:

  1. Giving too much irrelevant information
  2. Not giving enough relevant information

That brings us to the next section: parts of a cover letter.

Parts of the cover letter

Every economical cover letter has three main sections:

Section 1: Who are you and what do you want? This is the section where you introduce and connect with the organization’s mission. In this part, you primarily explain why you are applying to this particular firm and if you were referred to the particular position by an employee of the company or received the information about the job posting from your job boards. Always mention the specific position in which you are interested.

Section 2: Why do you deserve the position? This is where you mention a summary of your skills and as well as the background that is relevant to the particular position. Here, you fundamentally let the hiring manager know that you are interested in the organization and the reasons why they should hire you.

Section 3: Reaffirming and thanking the hiring coordinator/ manager: This is where you mention your contact details, and you may also want to re-affirm your enthusiasm for the position.

Cover Letter Sections

Now, we will discuss all the three sections in detail.

Section 1- Opening section

It is pertinent to personalize the opening since this is the part that can demonstrate your uniqueness to the hiring manager. If you use a “one-size fits all cover letter”, the chances of landing it at the bottom of the hiring manager’s pile are quite high.

In fact; many potential candidates are unsure about whom to address the cover letter. Experts recommend personalizing this opening as much as possible. Avoid terms like “Dear Sir” or “To whom so ever it may concern”

It is a brilliant idea to research the company’s website to get the name of the exact contact or hiring manager. The contact may be in the HR department or may even be the director of the department in which you are interested to be employed. This will indicate that you took the time to examine and find the right contact person rather than simply opting for an impersonal greeting.

Once this opening section has been taken care of; you can start explaining why you are passionate about the organization’s mission statement. Try to make use of statements like “I personally believe” and so on, as these are more compelling sentences that ensure your cover letter is read thoroughly.

Section 2- Connecting the parts

The second section must provide the vital connection between your qualifications/skills and the exact job requirements. It is essential that you analyze the job requirements clearly and critically to write this section well. Try to determine what the organization is looking for in a candidate. Once you have established this; ensure that your cover letter demonstrates how your skills and experience can be utilized for this purpose.

The second section must also contain your personality attributes and traits such as leadership teamwork, organizational skills, hard work, versatility etc. These values are sure to be valued by all organizations.

Experts also recommend stressing upon your openness to diversity so ensure mentioning your multicultural experience, or pointing out to your ethnicity, etc. Ensure that doing so helps you fit in with the company’s culture. Today, many organizations are known to value such traits.

Section 3- Conclude the cover letter in style

Conclude your letter with elegance and style; thank the organization for taking the time to consider your application. This is the part where you reiterate your enthusiasm for the organization’s mission. In this section, you may also provide the hiring manager with means to get in touch with you, so mention a phone number and email address. Make sure that you have already created a professional email account for this purpose. Give the same email address in the cover letter and resume.

Before sending the cover letter

Make sure that the job description does not have any specific instructions like including some valuable information etc. Many organizations are quite particular about how the cover letters are received.

Always proof read your cover letter; if you do not have the editing skills, ask the best writer you know to check it for you. There should be adequate variations in the sentence constructions, and you must ensure that not all sentences are beginning with “I have”, or “I am” etc.


Cover letters are crucial to let your potential employers know about your academic qualifications as well as your past work experiences. A thoughtful and well written cover letter is expected to be taken sincerely by the organization. A good cover letter will get you to the next stage while a poorly written one is a sure means of ending your candidacy. Every candidate must take it as an opportunity to create a favorable impression.


Sample Teacher Cover Letter

Time To Teach!!
Time To Teach!!

From: Applicant’s Name and Address

To: School’s Name and Address

Dear Mr. XYZ,

I am writing to express my interest in the Fourth Grade teaching position that is currently available in your school.  I learned of this job opening through the job posting in the ABC newspaper. I am highly confident in saying that I have the required academic background, qualifications and curriculum-development skills that are sure to come in handy for this job position.

As a 2008 graduate of XXX College, I have student teaching experience in second, third, and fourth grade levels in private schools. I also have one year teaching experience at Kindergarten level, which, as you know, requires a great deal of patience. I have also taught in summer camps where I trained young students in arts and dramatics.

Students in each level have varying grasping capabilities, and although this can be difficult and challenging, it is also highly rewarding and satisfying. I ensure tailoring activities to maintain the interest levels of students in key subjects like Science and Math as well as other important subjects like Social science and English. I have participated in and conducted student teaching camps as well as Math and Science Fairs along with other third and fourth grade teachers to give students a hands-on learning experience. Along with classroom learning experience, I have also coordinated field trips. My strengths include flexibility, patience and creativity, all of which are necessary qualities in the teaching profession.

I have enclosed my resume with this cover letter. I will also forward official copies of my certificates, references and mark sheets under a separate cover. I will contact you next week, and I anticipate you will take time out of your busy schedule to discuss your requirements and my capabilities of meeting them. I look forward to speaking with you. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Respectfully yours,

Name of the applicant



Sample Cover Letter for a Receptionist

Receptionist Cover Letter
Receptionist Cover Letter

From : Applicant Address

To:Address of the company, firm, organization.


Subject: Application for the vacant post of Receptionist.



I am very happy to send my CV as a candidature for the place of the Receptionist at <Company Name>. With my extensive practical knowledge in customer support and demonstrated expertise in carrying out clerical job successfully, I have the capacity to go beyond the targets and become a key person in your company. I have more than 2 years of experience working as a receptionist at my present company <Company Name>. In this company, my main responsibilities include- greeting guests in a courteous and helpful manner, working with their problems and also giving information regarding the organization & its products. I believe that my USP is  good organization, provide paperwork assistance to fellow workers and speak well with folks from all levels of the organization.

I meet all the all the requirements mentioned in your job description. I am highly experienced in carrying out all duties based on your job description. For example: greeting guests on the front desk, resolving and relaying regular telephone and walk-up questions, working on data entry, arranging appointments and group meetings, making trip plans for VIP’s, working out forms etc. Apart,I am capable to carry out common housekeeping tasks. My enclosed CV provides complete information about my skills and qualification fit to this post.

I am looking forward to putting my abilities to work for <Company Name> and would like to meet you personally to talk about how my practical knowledge and skills would be good for your service. I will call your workplace by next week to inquire if  you need more information concerning my experience. Thank you for your consideration and time.

Your sincerely,

Name of the applicant


Sample Cover Letter with Salary Requirements

Make An Impact With Your Cover Letter!!!
Make An Impact With Your Cover Letter!!!


Name and Address: of the Applicant

Name and Address: of the Company

Job Title

Dear Mr.XYZ,

I am applying to the position of XYZ in your organization/career center as I sincerely believe that my training experience along with my educational qualifications make me an ideal candidate for this position. I would greatly love the opportunity of working as a XYZ in your reputed firm

I have worked extensively with customers and have been a XYZ (your previous job title) for more than three years. Due to this experience, I believe I have the skills that are required for the job you have posted. The expertise you seek for your employees must ideally involve: managerial skills, effective communication skills, facilitating group discussions, problem solving skills, organizational skills and meeting goals etc. My experience with real customers has skilled me how to build relationships with all individuals and departments. I hope that this clearly illustrates that I am qualified for this position.

I also have an educational background in marketing and a Bachelor’s degree in the same area. My minor was Human resources and communications and these qualifications apart, I also have a post graduate degree in teaching and counseling.  I have also attached my resume with this letter, and I hope that it clearly illustrates that I can add new perspectives and ideas to your organization.

As per your request I am also providing my salary requirements. Based on the job description, my qualifications and research, I believe that the salary range is between $xxxxx to $xxxxx. Though, it would hinge on the overall compensation package, I would get, including the benefits or incentives on performance.  I am sure we can discuss it at the interview, and can arrive at a mutually beneficial agreement.

I would appreciate your taking the time to meet with me to further discuss my qualifications and see how they can fit with your requirements for the job of a XYZ.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Name of the Applicant



Sample Internship Cover Letter

From: Applicant’s Name and Address

To: Company’s Name


Job Title:

Company: XYZ ,City Name, Street, Zip code

Subject: Application for the Internship position

Dear Ms./Mr. Last name or Internship coordinator

I am interested in applying for the position of Job Title that was listed in (place where you got the listing/ or if you were referred to the position by an employee). I am excited to learn more about the core values at your organization such as service, hard work, community and fun as those fit with my own core beliefs. I am truly looking forward to using my expertise and knowledge in a company like XYZ.

I am studying currently in (mention the position/year you are in currently if applicable). I qualify in your requirements such as the need to be academically resourceful and successful. I have always displayed strong work ethics and risen over intellectual challenges. I have worked in a Young Adults Literature program and, as a group leader, was responsible for devising creative methods to get children interested in the classics we read(Mention Similar Experience). I believe that such resourcefulness along with my successful academic record will come in handy while working in your reputed firm.

I look forward to applying my strong leadership, versatility, organizational, inter-personal and communication skills in this training program (mention your strong personality traits). I can start my internship from the month of June (mention the date when you can start internship).

I look forward to further discussing my qualifications with you, which are fully presented in the enclosed resume and also demonstrating how I will be a perfect fit for the internship position and the XYZ firm. Thanking you for your time and consideration, Mr. /Ms Last name.


Name of the applicant,



Sales Representative Cover Letter

Grab The Job!!!
Grab The Job!!!

From: Name and Address of the Applicant

To:  Name and Address of the Company


Subject: Application Cover letter for Sales Representative

Dear Mr. XYZ,

I am an experienced Sales Executive with 4+ years experience in developing sales strategies and providing innovative sales solutions to companies and clients. I would love to learn more about your needs in order to contribute productively to the efforts of your sales team.

Additionally, I would like to capitalize on my experience at [ ABC Company] and leverage upon this professional knowledge to benefit your clients and your company. I am confident that my thirst for perfection, my professional knowledge and my established accomplishments will assure you that I have the necessary drive and talent to perform well in your esteemed organization.

I have attached my resume which will showcase these qualities while outlining my qualifications. Listed below are my key strengths:

  • Ability to add to your existing sales accounts- At [ ABC Company] I was accountable in adding nearly 80 new accounts thus expanding the shelf space by 55 percent.
  • Award winning sales executive- I have held the position of the top selling sales executive for two years in a row.
  • Excellent communication skills, flexibility and versatility needed in this ever changing market and ability to work in high-pressure settings.
  • Experience working with high level and large scale business clients. I can provide needed support and help build long lasting customer relationships while addressing the short term and long term needs of all my clients.

Given my abilities, I am confident of making a positive contribution to your organization. I look forward to an opportunity to meet with you and discuss my capabilities further in detail. I am available for an in-person interview as per your convenience. I know you are extremely busy and might have several applications to review, but I hope you will give me a chance to review your requirements and my abilities to meet them. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Name of the Applicant



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