Sample Employee Email Farewell (Goodbye) Message

People are always changing jobs, and when your time comes, you need to communicate this to your co-workers to pass the message effectively without leaving a poor impression or even hurting anyone. You should send the email farewell message after wrapping up everything preferably on your last day or one day prior.

Say Goodbye Pleasantly!!
Say Good bye Pleasantly!!

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What should you include in the farewell/ goodbye message?

The first thing is to inform your co-workers that you are leaving your current job where you can even consider mentioning where you are going. You should thank them for their support and probably mention some good cases where they truly helped you out. This should be followed by a short statement asking your colleagues to keep in touch.

At the near end, the email farewell message should provide several options of contacting you which may include your personal phone number, email address or even your Twitter account. The following is a sample employee email farewell message:

Things you should avoid in email farewell wishes message

Never point fingers at others!
Never point fingers at others!

You should not mention adverse things about the company or point fingers at some people; however, uncomfortable they made your stay. Although you can mention your new job, do not go into details or mentioning how awesome it is since this can depress others.


Hello All,

I would like to inform you that I will be leaving my current position at On-Point Engineering effective 12th May to join Technology Today as an Operations Manager.

Working with the company has been a great pleasure, and I really appreciate the support, guidance and continued encouragement that you offered me all through the times. This has seen me have some easy time providing quality output and doing so within the set timelines. I hope that this spirit will still exist long after I am gone.

Please keep close contact, and you can reach me through my cell phone 6453-7584, email address ( or my Twitter account (@Mackd.

Again, I thank you for standing with me all the time.

Best Regards,




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