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Subject: Reference for XXX

I would like to recommend XXX as a candidate for a position with your company. In his position as a staff assistant, XXX was employed in our organization for the period from 2005 to 2012. XXX did an excellent job during this period in the said position. He was an asset to our organization owing to his excellent written and verbal communication skills. He is also very well organized and can work independently. XXX is able to follow directions accurately to ensure getting the job done right and on time.

Also during his tenure with ABCD Company, XXX was responsible for supervising his department’s assistants. Under his management, these assistants were responsible for various administrative and clerical tasks. XXX efficiently managed several assistants and effectively scheduled their tasks to maintain seamless and smooth-running operations.

Email a Reference
Email a Reference

Due to his inherent caring nature, XXX was always willing to offer his assistance to colleagues. He enjoyed an excellent rapport with not just the other members of the staff, but also with clients and other professional organizations that we were required to interact with. I believe XXX will be a valuable asset to any organization and recommend him to any position he wishes to pursue in your company.


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