Top 25 Internship Interview Questions and Answers (2023)

An internship is a work opportunity offered by a company to students or graduates. Internship provides them a professional learning experience in a specific field. Here are Internship interview questions and answers for intern and freshers candidates to get their dream job.

1) Introduce yourself.

You can briefly answer by keeping the answer to 60 seconds. You should introduce yourself by saying where you are from and directly state what you are currently doing.

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2) What is your biggest strength?

You can answer this is question using this question using Problem-Action-Result (PAR). This statement describes a problem, the action you took to solve this problem, and the result of your action.

3) What is your weakness?

This is a very tricky question. Here you have to give an honest reply so that you look confident. You can give some examples to explain your weakness.

4) Why would you like to apply for an internship?

You can say that you are looking for an opportunity to work in a professional environment and make a career in a specific field.

5) Can you tell me where do you see yourself in five years from now?

The interviewer asks such a question to know your commitment to the job role. You can answer this question by sticking to the objective of the job role. You can tell the interviewer that in five years from now, you will see yourself as a highly knowledgeable professional having in-depth knowledge of the organization as well as industry.
Internship Interview Questions
Internship Interview Questions

6) Can you tell us about your accomplishment?

You should tell interviewer 1) professional, 2) educational or 3) personal milestones you have achieved till now.

7) Why should we consider you for this internship?

You can say that you are a quick learner and highly motivated. You have applied for this position to gain knowledge and experience.

8) What do you think about this opportunity?

Focus on factors that inspired you to choose that job. Here you have to include specific attributes of an organization while researching it. If you have heard that the company is good to interns, you can mention it if this information is accurate.

9) Have you applied for an internship in any other organization?

If you have not applied in an internship in any other organization, then say ‘no.’ If you have interned in any other organization, you can mention organizations in sequential order.

10) According to you, what is more crucial- completing a task on time, or doing it in the right way?

Here you have to say that if the task is time-sensitive, you must complete it on time. You have to be sure to mention that you do your best to complete the task correctly.

11) What are you searching for in your ideal internship position?

You can tailor your answer to the internship you are interviewing for. You should prepare your answer according to the job description.

12) What is your plan after completing an internship?

The answer to this question proves that you have the potential to work for the company. You should know where and how will you apply your skills. You can tell that I want to graduate, make a career as a Java developer in your company.”

13) According to you, what skills do you need for this position?

You can highlight the following skills that you require for this job:
  1. technical
  2. communication
  3. leadership skills.

14) What recent innovative concepts in the industry do you think are significant to address?

You should mention the threats and opportunities you have identified. You have to tell interviewer latest trends in the industry.

15) Why have you chosen to learn this subject?

A question like this opens the pathway to converse your interest in the business. You should tell the employer that you are passionate about the industry. Discuss your background and your choice of subject.

16) How did you know about this internship position?

This is the most common question asked by the interviewer. The best way to answer this type of question is that you found the details of this opportunity on the company’s website or you can say that you have read about this position in the newspaper.

17) Have you applied to any other company for an internship?

If you have applied for some other positions, then you can say ‘yes.’ However, you do not have to name any specific company. If you have not applied for other positions, then simply say ‘No’.

18) Do you have flexible hours to work?

Here you can tell the interviewer that you are flexible, and you can compromise.

19) How do you handle work pressure?

The company hires people who can handle work pressure and solve any problem quickly. When an interviewer asks this question, say that you stay focused on the task and take help from others to solve doubt if the quick solution is needed for a specific problem.

20) What would you say about your dream job?

You can say that my dream job is a job that allows me to be creative, analytic, and collaborate with other team members. You can also answer this question by showing the interviewer your interest in this position.

21) Are you ok with the fact that this is an unpaid internship opportunity?

Answer this question only if you are ok with the fact that it is an unpaid position. If you are looking for some stipend, then you can say that you would like to be paid a little money, but it requires more experience. This way, you can be honest and give a direct answer.

22) What are the benefits of interning at companies?

There are many benefits of interning, and it will be beneficial for you to broaden your prospect and see whether you are cut out to be a part of industry or not.

23) Can you highlight the main points in your resume?

You have to go through your resume before you go for an interview. Here explain details that don’t fit in your resume.

24) What is your biggest mistake till now?

You can talk about the difficult time you have faced in school. You can also tell how you have handled such a situation.

25) How do you motivate other people?

Recruiters are looking for those candidates who can fulfill their requirement. Come up with such a situation in which you motivate other people working with you. You can say that you had solved the problem of other students in your class where they are facing difficulties.

26) What should you know before attending an interview?

Following are the things you should know before you attend an interview.
  • Research the company and learn about its services and products.
  • Know how you will demonstrate your relevant experience and skill in an interview.
  • Prepared well and ensure that you carry your resume in a folder
  • Reach interview on time.

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