30 Best Work from Home Online Jobs (Easy Jobs) 2024 Update

It is 2021-22, and the current COVID-19 pandemic has forced many of the world’s biggest companies to close their offices and work remotely.

Work from home jobs is the most delightful job. So can avoid morning commutation routine and evening rush of coming back to home. Here is some best work from home jobs with their hours earning in dollars.

Best Work from home jobs

1) Freelancer

Freelancer is free to work anywhere, anytime, and for any employer. Many freelancing works are available, including data entry, web design, web development, digital marketing, freelance content writing, etc. Working part-time has a lot of advantages.

You can choose any suitable online jobs based on your own experience from this website. Furthermore, as a freelance writer, you can set your term and condition for your work in this easy online job, etc.

Hourly earnings: $31

2) Data Entry

Online data entry jobs need you to input alphabetic, numeric data into the computer system. To do this work from home job, you should be able to type fast as possible. However, an online job can pay well.

You can also do the Work whenever it suits your schedule. To consider bolstering your skills in computer programs like Microsoft. The best part of this best online job for a student is that you never become jobless, although you will learn less money.

Hourly earnings: $10-$20

3) Blogger

Blogging could be as simple as just writing about your favorite music, food, life, or entertainment. Then, you can start generating money from your blogging site. The best part of the blogging job is that you do not necessarily have to be full time. You can make a great living, even doing this as a parttime job.

Hourly earnings: $15-25/hour.

4) Content writer

Content writer is one of the most sought jobs in this pandemic time. You can write for blogs, magazines, journals that publish their content online. This only job is one of those online jobs that pay well because there is a huge demand for writers.

Today more and more companies aim to provide quality content to their audiences. Apart from excellent writing skills, you will need a passion for the niche you will be remote working in, like tech fashion, medical, etc.

Hourly earnings: $15-$100

5) Transcriptionist

Medical Transcriptionist is also extremely worked from home job that takes out the list of medicines given by medical professionals in different places around the globe. With your knowledge about this subject, you only need a computer, a fast internet connection, and a quality earpiece to listen to their prescriptions.

Hourly earnings: $10 to $27

6) Social Media Manager

Social media marketing is gaining importance all over the world. It plays an important role in the success of a business. Businesses are flourishing and are getting popular just social media strategies they are applying to.

It helps business organizations to reach their potential customers to make them aware of the different and services that the business firms offer. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn becomes highly powerful medium of communication nowadays. It is one of the best options of work from home jobs all over the world.

Hourly hours: $12.50–$14

7) YouTuber

You can easily earn good money by creating and promoting your video on YouTube. Your videos can be on any subject like cooking, teaching, speech, online review, watching game videos, video blogging, etc.

Hourly earnings: $39 per hour.

8) Online Tutor

Online tutoring is growing because of the advancements in technology, and it is a great way to work from home if you already have teaching experience or knowledge and expertise of a particular subject.

Hourly earnings: $10.50–$60

9) Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants perform typical office duties from home, such as replying to emails, managing calendars, and managing social media accounts. It is an easy online job for a person who can do multitasking. The best thing about Virtual Assistant jobs is that you can work as little or as much as you want. The Work of VA varies drastically from one client to the next.

Hourly earnings: $15 to $75

10) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the promotion of businesses. Here people work as a seller under a company. They can sell several products from various companies.

Affiliate marketing allows you to promote various businesses. Here people work as a seller under a company. They can sell several products from various companies. You can be an affiliate for hundreds of companies at once. You are interested in it, and they will give you a tracking link to use in your promotions. To do this work from home, one needs to register themselves with the company as a seller.

Hourly earnings: $192

11) Web Developer

A web developer is an IT professional who does coding for a website or a web application. A website consists of 3 tiers. A web developer may work on one or all three tiers based on team size and development model. This Work from home job helps you to perform according to the blueprints or instructions from the client.

Hourly earnings: $20

12) Translator

A translator is the showcases their speaking and interpreting skills. It is an easy online job from home for students and housewives. However, the job involves the interpretation of the language. To do this, the job should be able to interpret both written and spoken data.

Hourly earnings: $21

13) Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are responsible for handling visual effects. They help you to communicate the idea of the website through its visual effect. The design is crucial as it helps you to ensure repeated customer visit to your website.

Graphic designer act as a basis of forming the first impression of the site. A graphic designer’s job helps you communicate the idea of the website through its visual effects. This online job for students involves creating and developing varied attractive features and information that appeals to the customers in a single go.

Hourly earnings: $32.02 per hour.

14) Survey Taker

Survey taker is a good option for those who can only dedicate a few hours from their days as it is just to make a little extra money. They also share their opinion to help brands deliver better products and services and get paid in the form of gift cards. This one of the best online jobs for students as they just need to sign up for various survey sites you sign up for. The more you will make.

Hourly earnings: $43

15) Virtual Recruiter

Some years back, recruiters are used to working only in an office setting, but these things have changed recently, and you can now work as an online recruiter from home. In this one of the best online jobs, your duties include posting vacancies and looking for potential employees for your company.

Hourly earnings: $20-40

16) Video Editing

There is a big demand for video editors because of the very high growth of video content on the Internet. Most of the Video editors are working online from home and making an excellent income for editing videos. You need to learn various video editing techniques to earn money from this easy online job to do this job.

Hourly earnings: $2 to $10 per video minute, depending on the skills.

17) SEO/ Digital Marketing

This one is the most obvious when it comes to the best work-from-home jobs in India. Digital marketers building and expanding a brand’s presence ranging from SEO, email marketing, social media marketing.

It is one of the best available online jobs where professional is expected to run campaigns on the platform, promote the content, control the posted content in any format, study analytics.

Hourly earnings: $15-$50

19) Website Tester

Many brands want to know how easy their websites are to use and hire testing companies from real people as website testers. You will need to answer certainly set of questions as you navigate through a site. This is a good online job for students. If they have a good knowledge of how websites work, it proves to be helpful to get the work from home job from the IT field.

Hourly earnings: $15-$25

20) Design Consultant

Many marketing and advertising companies rely on freelance artists for photography, graphic design work, illustrations, and more. It would help if you showed a portfolio of Work-related to your desired projects or gigs.

You need to make sure to have one handy before applying. Online job hunting platforms Platform like Fiverr and Upwork also help you to connect you with these opportunities.

Hourly earnings: $39

21) Read Articles

You can even earn good money by just reading articles and blog online. First, however, you need to sign up, or some time needs to become a member of that site. It is certainly one of the best online jobs for students as they need to spend a few hours from their study time.

22) Play Games

You can earn money by playing games, which are surely surprising. Yet, today’s entertainment industry is one of the biggest employers in the world.

Its level of competition is very high. Every year, new companies launch new games. They hire gamers to test their games. These games will play for a bit, then write a review on what they like and dislike. Thus, it is the best available online job for students.

Hourly earnings: $74

23) Influencer

Social media influencers regularly share content related to a specific topic on their social accounts and have built their reputation. Even if you have 3000 followers on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you can consider an influencer. Social media influencers make lots of money that depends on niche, target audience, number of views, and followers.

Hourly earnings: $32.

24) Programming and Coding

The demand for programmers and code will never by the dry way. You will find plenty of jobs for students that demand some or other types of coding. Moreover, you can find a freelance contract for full-time listings with the above employers via online marketplaces, such as FreeUp, Remote, and Upwork.

Hourly earnings: $19 to $62.

25) Travel Agent

An online travel agent helps you to trip your plan. The Internet to earn clients and help to plan their adventures. Job prospects may be good for travel agents who offer expertise in specific world regions and have experience planning tours or adventures, focusing on group travel.

Hourly earnings: $25

26) Call-Center Representative

Many businesses need Call Center executives who can answer the phone 24 hours, assist customers, process orders or deal with returns. However, since more businesses are operating online, a growing number of these jobs are going to customer service workers work at home. A great phone voice does any experience in customer service, data entry, or management.

Hourly earnings: $20

27) Event Planner

An event planner is one of the best online jobs for you. To do this job, you need to select the caterer or the plates that will be used, and so on. You need to coordinate all the event functions and provides. It helps you to use your knowledge and experience to earn more money.

The best part of this best online job for a student is that you will always have work because today’s society is quite busy. You will solve this problem by providing them with a service of supervising and coordinating.

Hourly earnings: $24

28) Bookkeeper

Bookkeepers do tasks like recording income and expenses, invoicing clients, and preparing financial reports. It helps you to find t online bookkeeping job. You can also reach out to local businesses.

Hourly earnings: $25

29) Online Education

The available online education jobs now span a wide range of qualifications in candidates, everything from highly experienced teachers with master’s degrees and teaching certificates and work experience as a teacher. Today, many companies like QKids and VIPKID hire professionals to teach English to children in foreign organizations.

Hourly earnings: $30

30) Personal Trainer

If you are a fitness enthusiast and know various exercise techniques, consider applying for online personal training gigs. With the help of online coaching, you can train anyone, anytime, which allows you to earn good money while staying at your home.

Hourly earnings: $20-$70

31) Stock Photographer

Stock photographer is another important job. Create photos that businesses will purchase for their online websites and sales materials. This is one of the fastest-growing online marketplaces.

However, if you are good at taking pictures, you will have many job opportunities. In addition, businesses require quality stock photos for their websites, marketing campaigns, and more. So, the offers will never end.

Hours are earning: $5-$10.

32) URL Shortening

Shorting URL is another work-from-home job. First, you have to join a URL Shortening Website where you will get the opportunity to shorten long URLs from different sites. This job is easy, and it does not require any technical skills.

Moreover, you are not needed to have any blog or website. Generally, freelancers post them on forums and social networking sites like Facebook.

33) Internet Security Specialist

An Internet security specialist is a job to monitor networks for security threats and implement security standards to not harm your system. You may also need to install data protection systems as well. This one of the best online jobs is expected to grow steadily over the next several years.

Hours you are earning: $5 to $10.

34) Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer should have a good knowledge of proper exercise techniques. Then it would help if you considered applying for online personal training gigs. With online coaching, you can train anytime, anyone, allowing you to take on more clients. You can select to train people via Zoom/Skype in both groups and one-on-one settings.

Hours earning: $20-$70.

35) Email Marketer

Email Marketing is another work-from-home job. In this job, you need to contact businesses and make money online by managing their email campaigns. When you demonstrate that skill of enticing recipients, you will never shot of time.

36) Music Reviewer

This is easy online job as you are getting paid to listen to your favorite music. Some companies hire people to review tracks. It helps you test out short music samples or rate new arrival albums. Your feedback helps artists and brands fine-tune their music before releasing to general public.

Hourly earnings: $5-$15.


How to avoid work from home job scams?

Some job scams are easy to find, as it appears legitimate. Here are important tips which help you to avoid job Scams:

  • Don’t give your personal information like your social security or bank account number over the phone or email.
  • Never takes cashier’s checks or money orders as a form of payment.
  • Never cash a check that offers “extra” money and do not buy gift cards and send any bar codes at an employer’s request.
  • You should never agree to any background check unless you have met the employer in person.
  • Never wire funds via payment methods like Western Union, MoneyGram, or any other service.
  • It is advisable that should not apply for jobs that look to go to true from far away or in another country.
  • You should not apply for a job emailed to you by a reputable firm, although you don’t know about it.
  • Be skeptical. If a job offers plenty of money for very little work and with lots of perks, it could be a job scam, so trying to get personal information from you.
  • You should insist on meeting face to face with a potential employer. A personal interview or informal chat over coffee will allow you to determine the employer’s intentions and the project plan they want to achieve with your help.

What Jobs can you do from home Online?

Here are some of the best work from home online jobs:

  • Freelancer
  • Data Entry
  • Blogger
  • Content writer
  • Transcriptionist
  • Social Media Manager
  • YouTuber
  • Online Tutor
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Affiliate Marketing

Which is the highest paying work from home job?

Blogging, Content Writing, Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing, Freelancing are considered the most profitable internet jobs. However, these jobs will not pay you the next day, and you need to put in some effort initially. It also requires patience to start generating revenue.

Which job is best for housewives?

Here are the best job for housewives:

  • Freelance Writer
  • Digital Marketing
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Transcriptionist
  • Graphic Design

How do I work for Amazon from home?

Amazon offers work from home jobs and splits up its job postings into fulfillment and hourly jobs. They offer remote work-from-home jobs, including customer service jobs, HR positions, cloud service managers, Alexa support specialists, technical support associates, etc.

Suppose you want to find this type of easy online job. In that case, you need to visit Amazon Virtual Locations webpage and filter by job category and your location.

How can I work for Google from home?

Google is undoubtedly one of the best companies to work for, and they do hire remote workers occasionally. If you want to earn money by associating yourself with this company, you can visit the Google Career site and click on the “Jobs” link. From this link, you will be able to search for jobs by keyword and location. Make sure to only apply through Google, as many fake job sites claim to have jobs, but they aren’t associated with Google.

We have compiled a list of commonly asked HR round interview questions and answers that an interviewer might ask you during a work-from-home or office job interview.



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