30 Best Jobs for Former Teachers (Top Alternative Careers)

Teaching jobs have been on the rise for the last ten year, with plenty of career choices for educators who want. However, with COVID-19 pandemic create a big scare o interrupt the stability of teaching careers. Some teachers begin to consider switching to a different profession altogether. Fortunately for them, the skills mastered in the classroom can easily transfer to other careers. Here are some best jobs for former teachers with their average salary details and job growth potential.

1) Writer

Former teachers can become exceptional writers, as writing professionals always remain in demand, not just publishing and entertainment. There are many businesses and non-profit organizations that always have ongoing writing needs, technical documentation for their internal or external marketing.

However, if you know a specific subject, you may even find work with textbook publishers. You can also work as part of an in-house writing team, or you can freelance in your free time.

Average Salary: $63,200

Job Growth: Outlook of negative 2% between 2019 and 2029.

2) Tutor

You can work as a tutor in various faculties. Selecting this job also helps them to overcome challenges in the classroom. You will work to reteach lessons they are struggling with. As a tutor, you may work on a freelance basis or may work with a tutoring agency.

Average Salary: $30094

3) Corporate Trainer

As a teacher, you surely know how to talk so that people listen. You also need to understand how to teach lessons in engaging and appropriate ways for your audience. Working as a corporate trainer great career changes for teachers ready to move out of the classroom. Your job is to develop training, work with employees, and also teach supervisors.

Average Salary: $61,210 a year

4) Life Coach

A life coach is another important ideal career change for teachers who form positive, upbeat relationships with others. As a life coach, you have options you would like to work. If you are a self-starter, it helps you to create your own business. Many people who won’t start their career in life coaching should start their business while working full time.

Average Salary: $48,000

5) Instructional Coordinator

The instructional coordinator, also known as an educational technologist. It will oversee the school curriculum and maintain teaching standards at elementary and secondary schools. You will develop the material, coordinate teaching, and assess the effectiveness of certain programs. You should have a master’s degree in curriculum or instructional theory to get this job.

Average Salary: $103,790

Job Growth: 10% can expect to earn over. Job growth is faster than the national average.

6) HR Specialist

Human resource specialists use many of the interpersonal skills that formal teachers used to complete their jobs. Their job is to do recruitment, hiring, and training new staff for large organizations. It is certainly the best job for ex teachers as their skill as an educator helps them plan and implement new employees’ training.

Average Salary: $61,920

Job Growth: 7%

7) Education Consultant

Teachers are always looking for ways to develop as educational professionals and step in with the changing educational trends. This makes these professionals ideally suited for the role of an educational consultant. It is one of the best alternative careers for teaching as independent consultants or in full-time roles.

Average Salary: $65312 per month.

8) Sales Representative

You need to be able to engage people on both an individual level and in groups. Many former teachers make great sales reps because they know how to get an intended message across and people with enthusiasm, knowledge, and interpersonal communication skills.

Average Salary:  $59,930 per year

Job growth: -6%, not promising if one is not a very competitive salesperson.

9) Event Planner

Event planners help you organize and coordinate all aspects of events, such as weddings, meetings, and conventions. In addition, they are also responsible for coordinating locations, transportation, meals, and more. It might be the perfect change of pace for formal teachers who love planning field trips and assemblies.

Average Salary: $49,370 per year

10) Editor

An editor should be able to write for long hours. Consider a transition to the world of professional copy editing. The basics of being an editor are quite simple. However, you need to edit content and should have an eye for clarity, conciseness, and evocativeness.

There are various methods to find employment with editing jobs. It is certainly one of the alternative careers for teachers. You can start with traditional positions with newspapers or magazines or try freelance positions.

Average Salary: $50,000

11) Wholesale Sales Representative

Wholesale Sales Representative is one of the best, high-paying jobs for former teachers. Wholesale and manufacturing sales offer goods to businesses and organizations. They are earning a salary based on performance. This helps you to present obvious challenges and excellent opportunities.

You need to apply organizational, technical, computer skills to do these alternative jobs for teachers. In addition, this alternative career for teachers gives them an opportunity for significant income.

Average Salary: $63,000

Job Growth: Job growth is just about 2%, which is a very slow rate of increase within the next ten years.

12) Translator

A translator is the showcases their speaking and interpreting skills. It is the easiest and comfortable online job from home for students. However, the job involves the interpretation of the language. To do this, alternative career for teachers, you should interpret both written and spoken data.

Average Salary: $51,830 per year.

13) School Administrator

School admin is another good job for former teachers. In this profession, you need to make decisions on how to nurture a conducive learning environment for students. However, the admin work at the macro-level. They also take on some hands-on responsibilities inside the schools. For example, they may evaluate teachers, organize budgets, and even discipline students.

Average Salary: $64022 per year.

14) Social Worker

Social workers help to solve the issues of people from all walks of life. At the same time, clinical social workers can also diagnose and treat mental or behavioral disorders. Thus, it would help if you desired to help people with a strong interest in social work and educate them about the good rules of society.

Average Salary: $50,470

Job Growth: Expected by 13%

15) School Principal

A school principal is certainly in gradual progress for any formal teachers. The experience and higher education of a teacher are useful to start this job. This job involves managing numerous school functions, personnel and staff, security procedures to budget allocations, scheduling, and counseling.

Average Salary: This job provides a strong average income of over $96,400 a year, with the top 10% earning over $148,630.

Job Growth: The job growth will be steady, at 4% in the next 10 years.

16) Real Estate Agent

This is also a good career option for ex teachers who have knowledge about real estate industry and are skilled at communicating. It would help if you also had a talent for negotiating deals. Former teachers can easily excel as real estate agents help you to stay organized and multitask.

Average Salary: $42,757

17) Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer enthusiasts should know proper exercise techniques. In this career for ex teachers, you need to consider applying for online personal training gigs. With online coaching, you can train anyone, anytime, anywhere, that allows you to take on more clients. You can select to train people using communication in both groups and one-on-one settings.

Average Salary: $62,665 per year.

18) Librarian

Librarian is one that does share many of the skills of teaching, which includes information sourcing and organization. Depends upon the librarian position, one may work directly work on this position base on your experience and region. However, it is preferable that you should expand your education with a degree in library science or a similar field.

Average Salary: $59,500

Job Growth: 5%, then average rate.

19) Career Counselor

Career Counselors help students who are graduating from college get started on their first career. Working in a university career counseling center can be an ideal fit for you. If you are interested in working with people who have already made headway in their careers, working at a career center may best suit you.

Average Salary: $44,500

Job Growth: Job growth of 8%, means it is comparative stable job profile in next decade.

20) Admissions Counselor

Admissions counselors work for colleges and support the admissions department. This job for ex teachers is an attractive option for former teachers as they need to attend college admission fairs or connect with students to convince them that his/her school is best.

Average Salary: $43,220 a year

21) Respiratory Therapist

Respiratory therapist treats many types of asthma or other breathing disorders that require careful monitoring and evaluation. It helps you to draw on your natural compassion and ability to continue to make a positive difference.

Average Salary: $61,330 per year.

22) Psychologist

A psychologist is a person who treats normal and abnormal mental states, emotional and social processes, and behavior by experimenting with. It allows you to observe, interpret and record how individuals to one another and their environments.

Psychologists usually have a five-year university degree, often with postgraduate work required. This professional mostly never prescribe medication to patients. This medical professional needs to work with various institutions and people, workplaces, or sports teams.

Average Salary: $80,370

Job Growth: 3%

23) Educational Consultant

Teachers are always looking for ways to develop as educational professionals and step in with the changing educational trends. It helps them do a good job for former teachers as their experience is surely suited for an educational consultant.

Average Salary: $63512 per month.

24) Development Specialist

A web developer is an IT professional who does coding for a website or a web application. A website consists of 3 tiers which you need to work on one or all three tiers based on team size and development model. This job for ex-teachers helps you to perform according to the blueprints or instructions from the client.

Average Salary: $100,000 per year.

25) Insurance Sales Agent

In this job, you will analyze people’s needs and provide recommendations to buy the right insurance. Sales agents help you sell many different coverage forms, including health, life, home, auto insurance, etc. In addition, it offers the ability to communicate and explain various insurance schemes that can be the best alternative career for teachers.

Average Salary: $50,940

Job Growth: The job outlook is currently around 5%

26) Childcare Worker

Working in childcare offers many different opportunities. As a former teacher, you have had plenty of experience taking care of kids. It is one of the best alternative careers for teachers as it also offers an option for part-time work. This can be a good option for former teachers who are getting close to retirement age.

Average Salary: $34,708 per year.

27) Public Relations (PR) Specialist

Great communication is the most important stuff to do this job. As a former teacher with classroom teaching experience, you have probably got that covered. However, you also need to reaching out and forming good relationships with the public and other media professionals. Your writing, planning, and public speaking skills could work for you in the PR job.

Average Salary: $61,150 per year.

28) Personal Fitness Trainer

Fitness clubs and private clients always look for natural motivators and plan training sessions and evaluate a person’s progress. Plus, it does not take very long to get certified in this field.

Average Salary: $40,390 per year.

29) Private Nanny

This may not be int the top list as a career for ex teachers, but some former teachers do work in this job profile. These jobs allow you to help nurture and assist young people’s personal development.

Average Salary: $33,172 per year.

30) Personal Finance Advisor

This is a good job option for you. However, if your teaching career is focused on math, you can do the job of a personal finance advisor. In that role, you can assist people as they make budgets, understand the nuances of using credit, and otherwise keep their financial house in order.

Average Salary: $87,850 a year

31) Textbook Author

Working as a textbook author can be one of the great careers for ex teachers. If you are a former teacher, you don’t just know the subject matter. You should know how to do it in a way that resonates with people who begins to learn the subject you are writing about it.

Becoming a textbook author is one of the best jobs for ex-teachers who love what they do but are ready to move out of the classroom environment. You also need to study the latest research in your specialty area and use that information to inform students’ education in their classrooms.

Average Salary: $51,500 per year.

32) Preschool Director

If you like working with little children but don’t want to teach in the classroom. Then becoming a preschool director can be a great career change for teachers. In this job profile, you will support teachers, work with students, develop relationships with parents, and develop and execute goals for the primary teacher.

Some preschool director positions only demand a bachelor’s degree. You require a master’s or doctorate. You may also need a valid teaching experience certificate, depending on the requirements of your organization.

Average Salary: $41,500 per year.


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