Top 10 Team Foundation Server (TFS) Interview Questions

TFS Interview Questions and Answers

Here are Team Foundation Server (TFS) interview questions and answers for freshers as well as experienced candidates to get their dream job.

1) Mention what is team foundation server?

Team foundation server is used for inter-communication between the tester, developer team, project manager and CEO while working on software development.

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2) List out the functionalities provided by team foundation server?

  • Project Management
  • Tracking work items
  • Version Control
  • Test case management
  • Build Automation
  • Reporting
  • Virtual Lab Management

3) Explain TFS in respect to GIT?

  • Team foundation server is a Microsoft Version. It supports about 5 million lines of code
  • TFS integrates with Visual Studio, SharePoint and Active directory
  • TFS is more secure as you can assign read and write permission to an individual file
  • TFS requires SQL server to store all kind of data’s
  • TFS is centralized where the vast majority of the information is stored on the server
  • TFS does not support safe merge between unrelated branches
  • In TFS, you can do manual test tracking
  • Installation will take about ½ day
  • Analytics reports and chart option is given
  •  Git is open source, and designed to support the source code of Linux Kernel and supports about 15 million lines of code. Development process is distributed all around the world.
  • Git does not support any of these
  • Git is less secure as the whole git repositories is regulated by file system
  • Git is based on Distributed Version Control System (DVCS) that means every developer’s copy can access every version of every file from anywhere
  • Git keeps every local copy fully independent
  • Git allows safe merge between unrelated branches
  • In Git, you cannot do manual test tracking
  • Installation will only take 10 minutes
  • Analytics reports and chart is not represented

4) Explain how you can create a Git-TFS in Visual Studio 2013 express?

To create a Git-TFS in Visual Studio 2013 express
  • Create an account with MS TFS service if you don’t have inhouse TFS server
  • After that, you will be directed to TFS page, where you will see tow option for creating project, one with new team project and another with a new team project+Git
  • The account URL will be found right below “Getting Started.”
  • Click on create git project and it will take you to a new window, where you specify details about the project like project name, description, the process template, version control, etc. and once completed click on create project.
  • Now you can create a local project in team foundation server by creating a new project in Visual studio and do not forget to mark the check box that says “Add to source control”
  • In the next window, select mark Git as your version control and click ok, and you will be able to see the alteration made in the source code
  • After that, commit your code, right click a file in team explorer and you can compare version differences

5) Mention whether all of the team foundation service features are included into the Team foundation server?

TFS service is updated every 3 weeks while Team Foundation Server “on-premise” is updated every 3 months.  So, the on-premise version will always remain a little behind. However, TFS on-premise has got something that the TFS service does not.
  • You can use TFS Lab
  • Customize work items/process templates
TFS Interview Questions
TFS Interview Questions

6) Explain what kind or report server you can add in TFS?

TFS uses SQL for its data storage, so you have to add SQL server reporting services to provide a report server for TFS.

7) How one would know whether the report is updated in TFS?

For each report, there will be an option “Date Last Updated” in the lower light corner, when you click or select that option, it will give details about when it was last updated.
Team Foundation Server Interview Questions
Team Foundation Server Interview Questions

8) Explain how you can restore hidden debugger commands in Visual Studio 2013?

To restore the debugger feature that is hidden, you have to add the command back to the command
  • Open your project, click on Tools menu and then click customize
  • Tap the command tab in the customize dialog box
  • In the menu bar, drop down, choose the debug menu for which you want to contain the restored command
  • Tap on the Add command button
  • In the Add command box, choose the command you want to add and click OK
  • Repeat the step to add another command

9) Explain how you can track your code by customizing the scroll bar in Visual Studio 2013?

To show the annotations on the scroll bar
  • You can customize the scroll bar to display code changes, breakpoints, bookmarks and errors
  • Open the scroll bar options page
  • Choose the option “show annotations over vertical scroll bar”, and then choose the annotations you want to see
  • You can replace anything in the code that frequently appears in the file which is not meant to be
These interview questions will also help in your viva(orals)

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