Top 10 Microsoft Visio Interview Questions and Answers

Here are Microsoft Visio interview questions and answers for freshers as well as experienced candidates to get their dream job.

1) Explain what is Microsoft visio?

Microsoft vision is a diagramming tool designed by Microsoft in order to help create pictures out of complex information.  Business flow charts, network diagrams, organization charts, etc. can be easily formed with the help of Micro-soft Visio.

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2) Explain how you can edit a master shape in Microsoft Visio?

  • Copy the master shape to a custom stencil, for example, document stencil or a new stencil
  • In your custom stencil, right click the master shape and click Edit Master -> Edit Master Shape. A new window will open with the shape ready for edit
  • Edit the custom stencil, by using various data tools like Shape Styles on Home tab or Shape Design on Developer tab
  • When you are done close the window. Click Yes to save the changes

3) Explain how you can import data to shapes in your drawing in Visio 2013?

To import your data into the External window, use the data selector wizard
  • On the data tab, in the external data group, choose option link data to shapes
  • On the first page of the Data Selector wizard, select what type of data sources you want to use
  • In the data selector wizard, follow the instructions
  • Once you click on finish tab of the Data Selector wizard, the external data window manifests with your imported data

4) Mention what are the new features available in Visio 2013?

  • It provides more number of shapes than the earlier version
  • A metro-style format to support windows 8
  • Newly introduced template that includes family budget, inventory tracker, personal money tracker,
  • The new version allows you to link with numerous data sources and import data from these data sources. Some of these data sources includes SQL server, Excel, Sharepoint,
  • Couple of people can work on the same diagram at the same time and can merge multiple versions together. Also, you can get visual indicators about what shapes other are working on and easily sync diagram when saving
  • It allows others to add comments to a diagram through a browser using Visio Services
  • By keeping your diagram linked to the data source, you can also have an upto date view of your data
  • It allows you to comment and share diagrams both static and data linked through a web browser
  • Quick access floating bar replace any shape in a diagram quickly

5) Explain what is the short-cut for zooming an image in Visio 2013?

In Visio 2013, the short-cut for zooming an image is by holding Cntrl+Shift keys and then drag rectangle around two of the shapes on the drawing page.

Microsoft Visio Interview Questions
Microsoft Visio Interview Questions

6) Explain how you can create an ERD in Visio 2013?

To create an ERD in Visio 2013,
  • You have to select software and database from the list of template categories
  • After that select Database Model Diagram and then select Software and Database from the list of templates
  • Now drag-n-drop an entity from the Shapes panel into the drawing grid. Change the generic name for the physical name and conceptual name
  • Inside the Database Properties panel, switch to the column category. Now, type the name of an column (an attribute). Type FNAME, and then click the Edit button to change the default size of 10 characters.
  • Now choose the Data Type tab and change the field length to 12 and switch from “fixed length” to “variable length” . After that enter the column names
  • Once one entity is prepared, likewise you can create another column
  • Now to create a relationship between different entities, click on the relations icon in the shape panel, and drag and drop Relationship into the table you want to build a relation with. You can do same for other entities as well

7) Explain what are the roles of Connectors in Visio?

Connectors in Visio are referred to those lines that connect shapes. They are one-dimensional shapes that are used most frequently to connect two-dimensional shapes. One-dimensional shapes will display endpoints whereas two-dimensional shapes will display a selection frame with rotation handles and green sizing.

8) Explain how to create PowerPoint Slides from a Visio drawing?

To create a PowerPoint slides from a Visio drawing, you have to access macro in Visio as it creates slides from the active Visio drawing. To open the set of slides from a Visio drawing, you have to
  • Open the Visio drawing containing the macro
  • Open the Visio drawing that you want to save as PowerPoint
  • Choose Tools>Macro>Create PPT fromVisio>ThisDocument>CreatePowerPointFromVisio
  • Now you will have PowerPoint slides with your drawing pages
  • Macro forms a title slide and inserts the name of the Visio document from which slides were made

9) Explain what is Containers, Lists and Callouts?

  • Containers: It provides a visual boundary around a set of objects, but it also build a logical relationship between the objects and containers within it. Containers know which shape they consist, and shapes know when they are members of a container
  • Lists: It is a type of container that maintains an ordered relationship among its members. Each object in the list are aware of its ordinal position, new objects are merely not added to a list but are added to a specific position in a list
  • Callouts: A callout is merely a shape that glued to one another to add a comment. A visio 2013 provides the provision to add an annotation to a shape, but the callout knows the shape to which it is attached and the shape can recognize any attached callouts.

10) Explain how you can share diagram using the Cloud?

In order to share a file using Cloud, you have to
  • Go to the File option, and then go down to Share option
  • When you choose option Share, you will further notice two options, Invite People and Second option is to send a link
  • If you choose the first option, it will save your file on SkyDrive
  • After that, you will be enabled to share a document, if you are choosing e-mail as a sending option, you can share a copy of your diagram
  • The other option is sending out a link to the file and then you will be having everybody working on the same file
These interview questions will also help in your viva(orals)

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