Top 20 Production Support Interview Questions and Answers

Here are Production Support interview questions and answers for freshers as well as experienced candidates to get their dream job.

1) What is production support?

Production support is the practice of supporting the IT systems/applications. A production support executive receives requests from end-users and analyzes these requests and responds to the end user with a best possible solution. In short, a Production Support Analyst needs to maintain and support the system and applications used by specific sets of users.

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2) What is the incident management?

Incident management is the activity to identify, analyze, and right issues to avoid the same occurrence in future. It dealt with either an incident response team or an incident management team.

3) What are stages if a product lifecycle?

The stages of product lifecycle are

  • Market Research
  • Development
  • Documentation
  • Mass production
  • Launching
  • Marketing
  • Branding, etc.

4) What is Six Sigma?

It is a data-driven methodology and approach. It removes defects in any process from manufacturing to finance.

5) What is QMS?

QMS means quality management system. It documents all the needed information and operational controls. It consists of reporting, monitoring, and training to make sure that company delivers the continuous product.

6) What is CAPA?

CAPA is a good manufacturing practice concept, it which product failures are investigated to correct their current occurrence and also prevent similar occurrences in the future.

Production Support Interview Questions
Production Support Interview Questions

7) What is Document Control?

Document control is a function of managing and controlling product documentation.

8)  Have you ever faced any issues because of caching?

Yes, sometimes I had faced issues regarding old pages being rendered from cache to the user. In such situation, I clear the cache and then try to investigate the cause. Many times these issues happen because of the comparatively high refresh interval. At that time, it is important to reduce the cache refresh interval.

9) What are the things that you have learned from mistakes as a Production Support Executive?

Here you should come up with something which would not strain your credibility. Describe small mistake made by you in the past and positive lesson learned from that mistake.

Production Support
Production Support

10) What skills do you have to be good at production support?

  • Multitasking
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Outstanding verbal and personal communication
  • Ability to perform under pressure

11) Do you think teamwork is a critical part of the production support job?

No, production support person mostly works alone. However, in some cases, product support specialist can be part of a support team. It always helps to be a good team player.

12) What is the main characteristic which defines you as a successful production support specialist?

It is a combination of both technical expertise and soft skills.

13) How would you monitor your logs while investigating high-level issues?

I try to look for the error in the in the last n minutes when the issue occurred. However, If the issue is still happening, then I tail the logs for the different application server to see the error snippets found in the live logs.

14) What are the various levels of production support?

Level 0/ Level 1 support – It is Initial level helpdesk which deals with most common user issues with already scripted solutions. Level 2 Support – It is technical support for the application or software. They check the flow of the application and can go deep into the issue and fix it if they can if not escalate further. This kind of production support executive should have vast experience on a particular technology platform. Level 3 Support: This kind of product support professionals work on enhancements, and bug fixes. They most like to have expertise on one or two technology platforms like Oracle database or a Windows Admin.

15) What are the essential skills to become excellent product support executive?

  1. Consistency: It is an essential skill for the production support job. It can be achieved by offering an accurate solution to the customer.
  2. Attention to Detail: Production support executive should have great precision, particularly when operating dangerous machinery.
  3. Leadership: It is another vital skill that can’t be ignored in the product management job. As a production support executive, you should have the ability to lead a team and resolve problems that may arise between your team members.

16) What have you done to improve your technical support knowledge in the last year?

I believe that learning is the key to growth that’s why every professional should do some activities to sharpen his knowledge. I read books, blogs, and articles related to production support.

17) What attributes give you an edge over other contenders for this position?

I have exemplary time management skills. I also know how to manage and present data using CRM.

18) What is System security?

System security means stopping viruses and malware programs from reaching the computer system. It can be achieved by using methods like antivirus, firewall installation and by restricting activities of the online users.

19) Are you using command aliases while doing your work?

Yes, I have created few aliases and saved them within my profile file so that the system loads each time automatically when I log onto the server.



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