Top 20 Data Entry Operator Interview Questions and Answers

1) What is data entry operator?

The job of data entry operator is the to enter data into a computer. It is not related to any particular sector.

2) Why do you want to begin your career as a data entry operator?

My best asset is my typing speed. So, I always want to take advantage of this asset. As I, firmly believes that it is essential for data entry operation job.

3) Why do you want to work for our organization?

I am highly impressed with your organization. I want to make the most of my data entry and analysis skills by associating an organization like yours.

4) What are the software and programming languages do you know?

I know Internet browsing, MS office, Photoshop, and HTML. I also have fundamental knowledge about PHP.

5) What are office tools you most comfortable using?

As a Data entry specialist should be comfortable with the tools that organization wants me to manage company’s information. However, I comfortable with Microsoft Office and Excel.

6) What is WPM?

The speed is the most vital quality of a good data entry specialist. Words per minute (WPM) has considered as a standard metric for measuring typing speeds.

7) What are the most important skills that you think needed for this Data Entry operator job?

  • Typing Speed
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Interacting With Computers
  • Written Comprehension

8) What attributes of yours gives you an edge over other contenders for this position?

I have exemplary time management skills. Apart from that, I also took training of using CRM and able to manage and present data.

9) How would you rate your touch typing skills?

You are opting Data entry job, so you must say around 8 or 9 which gives interviewer good impression about this skill of yours.

10) What Does Accuracy Mean To You? How Do You Ensure It?

For me, accuracy is most important thing in this job. Every entered information should be accurate. To maintain data integrity, I prefer to make sure that the source information is accurate. I also recheck my work before submitting.

11) How can you maintain accuracy in your work?

I take care of accuracy at every point. When I am entering information into the computer, I always assure that I read it at least two or three times before finalizing.

12) Data entry job can be a very repetitive. How do save yourself from keep from getting bored while working?

You should have strategies for staying focused and ensuring accuracy, even after long working hours.  Some best strategies are taking short breaks or mixing other tasks with data entry. You can also change the order to various input entries to focus on each task individually.

13) What is so special about you which gives you an edge over other contenders for this position?

I have 72 words per minute typing speed with 99% accuracy.

14) How would you deal with sensitive or confidential information?

I can handle sensitive detail with at most care. I will make sure that complete confidentiality maintains while taking care of data.

15) Tell us your three major qualities

  1. Perfect and timely entry of data.
  2. Exceptional attention to detail.
  3. Ability to work in a multicultural environment

16) What are your strengths?

This question gives you a great chance to do some self-praising. It is also important that you remember to illustrate strengths that match with data entry position post.

  • Problem solver
  • Self-motivator
  • Great observer
  • Ability to perform under pressure
  • Positive attitude
  • Loyalty

17) What is the primary role of Data entry operator?

  • Read source documents like canceled checks, bills, reports and enter data in specific data fields or disks.
  • Compile, sort and verify the accuracy of data before entering.
  • Compare data with source documents and re-enter data to detect errors.

18) If you were given information to punch the information which is harmful to the company, what step you will take then?

First of all, I know that it is not part of my duty as a data entry operator to make assumptions regarding the information. Still, if I ever come across information which is harmful to the company, then I will immediately report it to my supervisor.

19) Is data entry and filing both are same?

No, they are quite different from each other. While in data entry, alphanumeric keyboard is used to enter data into a computer. On the other end, filling is organized data either alphabetically or related data into files or folders.

20) Let’s assume that you have a lot of documents to digitize and in few hours to do it in. How do you prioritize which records need to digitize first?

This question is asked to evaluate comfort level to work independently. You can say that. “I would first for the easy stuff. I can manage most of my data entry work independently.  I would later approach my superior guidance for anything complex.”

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